Plants of the Month

  • Echinopsis x “Rocket Pink”

    South American and North American Hybrids

    Echinopsis “Grandiflora Hybrids” – Hybrid Hedgehog cacti with dozens of large, fragrant blooms. They will have a large bloom flush in late spring or early summer, depending on when we get our first warm temperatures. They will also send out a few more blooms through the summer and can get a 2nd large flush in the fall.

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  • Platycerium “Netherlands”

    (Staghorn Fern)

    P. bifurcatum “Netherlands”

    Epiphytic fern. Compact cultivar. Grown on weathered slabs of bark, these fascinating ferns are semi-hardy outdoor in the Bay Area in a shady spot, or indoor in a moist location. Keep more dry in winter, under an eave or indoor.

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  • Rebutia heliosa v. melanistic

    “Short Spined” variety

    Clustering small stems, variable red to magenta flowers, spiraling ribs with prominent tubercles. Elongate areoles. Short, tiny brown spines. Purple-tinged stems in full sun.

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  • Rebutia narvaecensis

    Generally clumping small 1″ barrels with hordes of blooms in spring

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  • Euphorbia moratii

    Geophytic plants, endangered in habitat. Dwarf caudiciform base. Flowers in spring before new leaves appear at the growing tip in summer. Triangular cyathia.

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  • Osteospermum “Margarita Pink”

    (Cape Daisy)

    Herbaceous Perennial

    Upright mounding, blooms 6 to 8 months of the year. Large pink flowers.

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  • Echeveria “Gilva”

    (Wax Rosette)

    Green leaves, red tips.

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  • Euphorbia alfredii

    Thick branches to 12″ long, large flat leaves, small reddish inflorescence.

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  • Pachyveria “Scheideckeri”

    (Jeweled Crown)

    Echeveria secunda x Pachyphytum bracteosum

    19th c. hybrid with stunning thick grey leaves and red tips in sun

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  • Mestoklema arboriforme

    (Tree Mesemb)

    Large bonsai plants with highly variable exposed rootstock, branches will reach 2 to 3 feet tall. Small flowers at the new growth on branch ends only. Small cylindrical leaves.

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  • Echeveria subrigida

    Red-edged; waxy-blue leaves in sun, green in shade; to 18″

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  • Ibervillea lindheimeri

    (Balsam Gourd, Globeberry)

    Large white caudex, annual vines, dormant in winter. Vines have long tendrils, small yellow flowers and red berries.

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  • Armeria “Rubrifolia”

    (Dwarf Seathrift)

    A. maritima “Rubrifolia”
    Groundcover Perennial

    Dark burgundy foliage. Prefers coastal, sunny location or partial sun inland, but can handle most conditions. Fully drought-tolerant only at coast. Pink pom-poms will reach up to 12″. Can handle sandy soils or clay.

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  • Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa

    Freely branching from the base. Flattened stems. Flowers creamy pink to green.

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Winter Succulent Damage

Hi cactus jungle A few of my cacti have struggled after the rains. I have attached a photo and I’m wondering if you can tell me what is happening with this plant. Is it a lost cause😞? If not, how can I help it? Thank you Brian Brian, The plant is a Euphorbia, and hopefully… Read more »

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Butterfly Mango 

Echinopsis x grandiflora “Butterfly Mango”  Another giant #cactus flower! Sweet. It’s a good spring for cactus flowers. 

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Haworthia Questions

Hi Peter Would you be able to tell me the name of the succulent in the attached? And perhaps more importantly, what is happening with the dry, papery bits toward the crown? Can this plant be saved? I am not sure what to do next. It was lovely and plump and then this started happening… Read more »

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