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  • Succulent Wreath

    These are all individually handmade wreaths.

    Available for pickup, delivery or shipping, generally in November and December, and sometimes into Spring.

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    Call for information (510) 558-8650


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  • Gymnocalycium baldianum

    (Dwarf Chin Cactus)

    Clusters of small pink-flowering barrel to 4″dia.

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  • Coreopsis gigantea

    (Giant Coreopsis)

    Shrubby to 6ft.; summer deciduous. Yellow daisy flowers.

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  • Ceraria pygmaea

    (Pygmy Porkbush)

    Portulacaria pygmaea

    Natural bonsai shrub succulent, to 8″h., with small thick green leaves. Stems can get 4″ thick.

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  • Echeveria peacockii

    (Peacock Echeveria)

    6″ rosettes grey/green with red blooms

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  • Echeveria “Morning Beauty”

    E. subsessilis “Morning Beauty”

    Waxy blue leaves, 6″ rosettes.

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  • Gymnocalycium saglionis

    (Giant Chin Cactus)

    One of the larger Gymno’s, will get 12″ across. Generally solitary. Pinkish-white flowers with reddish throats.

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  • Pachyphytum oviferum


    2″ globose leaves, short stems, red flowers

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  • Gymnocalycium schickendantzii

    4″, solitary, globose. White to reddish flowers.

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  • Crassula tetragona

    Can grow to 6 to 8ft. tall, propagates by tip cuttings

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  • Euphorbia ambarivatoensis

    Spiny stems, shrubby habit.

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  • Gasteraloe “Midnight”

    (Lizard Tail)

    Gasteria x Aloe

    Narrow dark/green spotted leaves; to 18″

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  • Euphorbia baioensis

    2″ thick spiny stems grow to 18″h, and can lay outwards forming mats of spiny stems. Branches readily.

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  • Mangave “Moonglow”

    Manfreda x Agave

    Soft silvery-blue-green and purple spotted leaves. Rosettes to 18″ wide.

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Upcoming Events, Berkeley

Upcoming Events, Marin

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    Opening Soon

    Cactus Jungle, Marin is opening mid-February, 2018 at our new location:

    130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, San Anselmo, CA 94960

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Aloe, San Francisco

Aloe arborescens Carl Street, San Francisco

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Cactus Jungle, Marin

Bringing over the cactus for the new San Anselmo store! Cactus Jungle, Marin, opening mid – February.

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Succulent Roof

Hi there, just want to share a sight from a walk yesterday. This is one of those free little libraries, but with an awesome roof composed entirely of succulents, on both sides. It’s off Colusa in North Berkeley. Pretty neat, eh? Doris

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COMING SOON: Cactus Jungle, Marin
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