PLANTS of all Types that we sell for the Bay Area gardener and for your home

Cactus and Succulents for the San Francisco Bay Area
Cactus Jungle has the largest selection of cactus and succulent plants in the Bay Area. Please note we do not ship plants, other than our handmade Succulent Wreaths.


Succulent Wreaths


Slow and natural growth makes for the healthiest Cactus and Succulents around.

Mixed Succulent Pots, custom for you or ready to go! Large and small. Made to order for Events, or choose from our wide selection of mixed succulent pots we already have premade and ready to take home.


 Bamboo Bay Area - We carry the best bamboos for our Mediterranean climate, running or non-invasive clumping species, fertilizers and all the info you need to plant them in the ground or in a pot.

Ornamental Grasses and Perennials for drought-tolerant gardens

Houseplants, Orchids and Terrarium Plants.

Airplants, you know, Tillandsias!

A whole page of our Terrarium photos

Succulent Wreaths

Succulent Wall Panels - Our own designs

California Native Plants - a large selection of grasses, shrubs, trees, ornamentals, bloomers you can now buy at the store - 4" grasses in fiber pots, 1 gallon perennials, 5 gallon shrubs, 15 gallon trees

Carnivorous Plants for the San Francisco Bay Area - hardy outside! in your bog garden, or in your home too.

Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden is open to the public!



Nursery Dogs



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Different Types of Cactus and Succulents for Berkeley, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area