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And just in time for the holiday. The one that is coming up this week, not the one coming up next month. Although it is in time for that holiday too.

Tom’s Pricklypear Cactus and Cranberry Jelly

I have a large pricklypear cactus growing outside my back door. Most years… it produces large numbers of dark pruple-red fruits. I make these into either jelly or syrup, depending on whether it sets or not. This year, I turned my less bountiful harvest into a variation on cranberry sauce–the jellied kind….

24 or so ripe pricklypear cactus fruits
1 bag fresh cranberries.
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 box pectin
3 cups sugar

Click through for the full instructions.

And who is this Tom and why should we follow his recipe? He’s Tom Fitzmorris of WWL AM870, a talk radio fixture in the Gulf South Region with a food show. On the radio! I trust him. I really do.

California Native Plants22 Nov 2014 04:28 pm


Coreopsis gigantea
California Native

Shrubby to 6ft.; summer deciduous. Yellow daisy flowers.

Hardy to 25F

Full Sun

Cactus Soil

Low water, moderate in winter

Succulent Wreaths22 Nov 2014 11:55 am

Large Succulent Wreath

Our Fine and Handsome Succulent Wreaths are available at the nursery, or you can order them online too. People ask us if we ship them, and I tell them Yes! Yes we do ship our Succulent Wreaths and Thank you for asking.

Airplants&Terrariums21 Nov 2014 11:56 am

Angela has been busy making a beautiful wall of Airplants and Terrariums for you.

Airplant Wall

You like it! You really like it!

Now, can you name the species in the picture. There are literally, not just sort of, but literally, 49 species of Tillandsia in this one photo. You may want to click to embiggen to get in real close and see them all. Enjoy!

Whippets21 Nov 2014 10:07 am


Berkeley Succulents21 Nov 2014 05:35 am


San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Agave attenuata and an Aloe ciliaris in bloom.

News20 Nov 2014 07:03 am

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted one of these local news stories where an Agave blooms and everyone comes from miles around to see the enormous sight. And then the local newspaper gets involved and publishes a picture and that picture zooms around the world on the wings of the web to my desk and from my desk to your eyes.

Enjoy! Local news at its finest.

Mystery cactus springs more than 6m in Bentleigh garden


…(LORNA Smith) and her husband, John, have lived at the Bentleigh house since 1956 and the huge cactus is a first.

“It’s gone straight up like a rocket, it’s taller than my garage now,” Mrs Smith said.

“I just can’t believe it, nothing like this has happened before.”

The commenters have correctly identified it as an Agave americana.

Questions19 Nov 2014 10:35 am


If I remove the thorns from my cactus plant will the plant die, re-grow the thorns or continue to live without them?

Thank you


It should do just fine and continue to live without them.

Question? yes. Answer? yes.


Cactus&News19 Nov 2014 07:14 am

Are you a fan of the cactus? Then you are so fashionable right now that you are practically dripping in irony.

Fashion’s love affair with the humble cactus

Marina London's silky green separates are best accessorised with Pedro the cactus

Marina London’s silky green separates are best accessorised with Pedro the cactus…

The tough, drought-tolerant cactus and its close relation the succulent (the fleshy-leaved, geometric-shaped rockery plant, also known as house leeks or sempervivum), are ”trending” right now.

Expensive clothes, expensive stool, expensive cactus – so why is the pot cheap plastic? You couldn’t spring for terra cotta?

Cactus17 Nov 2014 07:29 am

Fear Not, New England: The Hilltop Cactus Is Here To Stay


The Hilltop Steakhouse sign is “one of the few remaining landmarks on Route 1 in Saugus from the bygone era.”
Boston Globe

The plastic cows may be forever gone from Route 1, but the giant, green neon north star in Saugus is going nowhere fast.

A sign from my youth. And it’s still there? Who knew!?! Classic.

Travel16 Nov 2014 10:41 am

Hanging out in La Jolla on a beautiful November weekend? How about checking out Nicole’s beautiful succulents at the farmers market?


Nice! I see she’s come up with the coffee cup carrier concept for small pots. Also nice!

Any other Cactus Jungle alum selling succulents on a Sunday today?

California Native Plants15 Nov 2014 11:06 am


Dudleya farinosa is normally a pretty green California native succulent, coastal northern California the  best more interesting about it. But the Noyo River form is white white white. This is also northern California Coastal, but almost all the way to Fort Bragg.

Nursery&Photography14 Nov 2014 01:51 pm


We’re potting up terrariums and mixed succulent pots and filling hypertufa pots with lots of very colorful Sempervivums like this one! It must be almost a holiday type if season coming up.


Misc14 Nov 2014 04:28 am


Misc13 Nov 2014 04:31 pm


Rare stapeliad were growing. Not ready yet! But already blooming, so here’s you preview photo. Oh yeah, it’s a Caralluma baldrati. Nice flower!

Questions&Reader Photos10 Nov 2014 11:21 am

Hello Peter
Are you abel to tell me the names of these three succulents? Much tnaks!

The pictures and the IDs are below! Scroll down! Scrolling….


Your plants are:

Anacampseros rufescens

1. Anacampseros rufescens


2. Aloe, possibly Aloe barbadensis, or Aloe Vera, but maybe a hybrid.

Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg

3. Echeveria “Perle von Nurnberg”



Misc09 Nov 2014 12:46 pm


Lola on 9th St in Berkeley has little succulent pots hanging out at the side door.

Orchids08 Nov 2014 11:39 am


Otaara “Hsu Shin”

Whippets07 Nov 2014 07:58 am


Plants06 Nov 2014 12:41 pm


Agave colorata

4 to 6 feet, very few pups. Broad and toothy. Hardy to 20F.

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