November 2010

Blogs30 Nov 2010 04:39 pm

Garden Adventures has a photo of the inner working parts of a Cereus peruvianus flower. Hard to tell what it comes from in the photo, so we’ll just have to trust the ID.

News30 Nov 2010 01:55 pm

A Christmas Cactus is also popular, though it blooms closer to Thanksgiving than Christmas. Remember that a Christmas Cactus is not a true cactus. You water it much more often and don’t let the soil dry out.

Well that’s not true. It is a true cactus, and you do want to let it dry out between waterings, even if we do water it more often than desert cacti. And this was on a news show! Don’t they have editors?

A Vermilliad is a tropical plants that provides Christmas color. The leaves act as water cups.

OK, so this is the editors problem. On the video he clearly says Bromeliad. If you google it, it does appear to be a common mistake.

Here’s the video proof.

News30 Nov 2010 09:06 am

In Folsom, CA, with pictures.

Debbie shows the group you can put plants in anything.

That’s a boot.

Don’t miss the pointy high-heel shoes in the background.

News30 Nov 2010 06:53 am

From the OC Register we get dozens of pictures of what they’re calling the Umbrella Garden by the Quans.

The back yard is a complete departure, packed with eye-candy at every turn. Potted succulents sit on every flat surface, Danny’s Spanish Moss Tree decorated with umbrellas is other-wordly, and the orchid house pops with fascinating bits of pottery and plants.

There’s a whole photo gallery at the link. Beads, umbrellas, succulents, tillandsias and even a cat. Well, maybe not a cat.

Photography29 Nov 2010 10:34 am

Aloe ferox blooms are fully ready to start opening.


Photography29 Nov 2010 06:55 am

Anigozanthos “Bush Ranger”

Normally the blooms look very red, but up close you can really see the orange highlights.

Misc28 Nov 2010 06:39 am

Must I comment on every thing I post? No! No I must not.


News27 Nov 2010 03:12 pm

It cleared for a minute. Long enough for a rainbow. And now the storm is back. Come visit!


Questions&Reader Photos27 Nov 2010 10:30 am

Everything seemed to have weathered the freeze up here. I did cover them with a sheet – so that helped. Now, my mother arrived for dinner tonight with this cactus she picked up at the grocery store(!) I has yellow flowers on the top and lots and lots of little sprouts all over the larger trunks. Now, the flowers are glued on paper – which elicits a big OMG!! Is this thing even real at all? What do you make of it. J Hehe!!

Thanks, Karen

You have the Fairy Castle Cactus, Cereus hildmannianus monstrose, with glued on paper flowers. Grocery stores often glue on paper flowers. I don’t know why.

(Here’s the earlier email.)

Nursery&Photography27 Nov 2010 07:28 am

I assume this will be a very slow day at the nursery, even being the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Tomorrow should be sunny so I think we’ll see a lot more people then.

Come by today if you want a lot of really personal service.

I like the Miltonia orchid hybrids. This one has a long name.

Beallaria marfitch “Howard’s Dream”

Whippets26 Nov 2010 11:52 am


Misc26 Nov 2010 08:48 am

The newest and bestest Lipson Robotics robots are finally out at the store. And just in time, I might add.

They cost a bit more than 10¢, OK? But I guarantee you this robot will fix your cough. And any bursitis you may have.

Misc26 Nov 2010 08:30 am

I see that Debra Lee Baldwin has a new Succulent Calendar for 2011, through Zazzle.

I just thought you might need to know. It is “Black Friday” after all.

Did I mention that we carry her 2 books at the nursery? They are the most popular books we carry. I just thought this was an important addition to your personal store of knowledge. Now you know.

I wonder if there are any other good succulent calendars out there? Probably not.

Reader Photos26 Nov 2010 07:35 am

Karen and Mike live in the foothills where it’s been below freezing this week. It’s a good thing they brought small plants inside and used a frost blanket over the outdoor ones, because it was cold enough here in Berkeley where it is 37F right now!

Here we see they have a late blooming Astrophytum asterias.


Misc25 Nov 2010 06:40 am

It’s hard to find just the right cactus stuffing or cactus relish recipe for Thanksgiving. Here’s one I found a couple years ago.

Have a safe and happy holiday, and don’t let the TSA feel your junk.

Here’s one more cactus centerpiece for your table. It’s paper.

News24 Nov 2010 02:11 pm

Don Steele, 91, has only lived on Vashon five months, and he has already grown a small but successful business.

The former nurse manager and ceramic artist’s small succulent gardens — buckets, dishes, baskets and even old Jell-O molds filled with sedums and sempervivums — are now sold at both Thriftway and Blooms & Things, and they are catching customers’ attention.

It turns out that the succulent business is an opportunity for all. Come join us! Just go do it somewhere else; Vashon Island is taken.

Misc24 Nov 2010 01:46 pm

Another one of our brand new spectacular Lipson Robotics robots that will be out and available Friday morning.

I wonder what all these robots have to do with Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Oh, and what do they have to do with Cactus?

Nobody knows. Go figure!

News24 Nov 2010 08:57 am

…in Mt. Waverley. Turns out that’s in Victoria, near Melbourne, so well within distance of a moderate population density to justify the expense of bringing out your cacti.

Here’s the community centre that will be holding all those cacti.

Here’s one of the people showing off his collection.

Heinz Staude with some of the cacti in his own garden. He’s looking forward to the Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia’s annual show this weekend. Picture: Paul Loughnan N19WG206

That’s not a garden. And what else can you tell us about this exciting show?

Society membership secretary Jill Abbott said she expected a crowd of at least 800 over the two-day event.

That’s a lot of people, for an event in Australia which is a very low density country.

“It’s very popular, people are absolutely amazed at what they see and find it hard to leave without buying something.”

I bet it is.

The show will be held at the Mt Waverley Community Centre, corner Miller Cres and Stephensons Rd, from 10am-5pm on November 13, and 10am-3pm on November 14.

Oops. It was 2 weeks ago. Never mind. I hope it went well.

Misc&Succulent Wreaths24 Nov 2010 06:55 am

It’s our 10″ Succulent Wreath.

Misc23 Nov 2010 02:43 pm

Another one of the Lipson Robotics smaller robots we’ll be having for you.

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