Who shall be crowned the Queen? Yesterday’s battle royale was quite the exciting time here on the Cactus Blog. Today we have the queenly entries, and we are right out the gate disqualifying any actual cactus, since there are many species that are known as the Queen, like this beautiful Queen of the Night.


And the contenders, please…

Queen Cactus – She’s a pedigreed cow? Queen Cactus was a royal cow from the House of Windsor back in the 1890s, but she was famous in her time I’m sure.

Cactus Queen – now this is the most delicious of the cactus queens, I’m sure, being a beer. Cactus Queen IPA from the Yellow Rose Brewing Company in Texas.

So once again, you know what to do, click on the one you think is most deserving of the title of Queen of the Cactus.