February 2011

Misc28 Feb 2011 01:40 pm

A new application for air plants courtesy of a customer.


Blogs28 Feb 2011 10:45 am

The ballad of The Sad Cactus.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true. Via The Rumpus.

News28 Feb 2011 08:34 am

Faucaria felina

The sunshine is back! (For a few days…)

News28 Feb 2011 06:32 am

At Alki Arts Museum/Art Gallery.

This one has a description to go with it:

(W)elder Rodger Squirrell shows water color painter John Constantine his cactus sculpture made from car bumpers. Squirrell teaches welding at South Seattle Community College.

There’s no description to go with this next cactus sculpture, and it doesn’t even say who the artist is. For shame!

The photos also seem to focus on the people at the opening, rather than on the art. You can get a bit of a feel for the art, but not much. Anyone in Seattle want to stop by and let us know if these are worth stopping by for?

News27 Feb 2011 07:59 am

From Angie, we find out that the Berkeley Art Museum has been probing one of our cacti.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but the title is “Loud Cactus” and there’s a watermelon being probed too.

Maybe I should stop by the museum and see what they’ve done to the Ferocactus. And maybe next time they could let us know and we’d have promoted their event!

Reader Photos27 Feb 2011 07:39 am

This beautiful Echinocereus has survived being on a bombing range for years. Congratulations!

Photo from Genn, on the BMGR. Species might be Echinocereus fasciculatus but it would be easier to identify once it starts to flower, which should be soon.

Reader Photos26 Feb 2011 07:02 am

Another photo from Todd, this time of a hanging basket cactus – a christmas cactus most likely.

The photo was taken in sunnier days.

Questions26 Feb 2011 06:55 am

From a couple days ago, here’s more info. It turns out it is a mesemb, and a Delosperma nubigenum to be precise.

Hi Peter,

Here’s some more pictures of the plant:

I’m San Francisco. Watering it once every 2 weeks with a few
tablespoons of water. Haven’t done anything to it recently—it’s been
sitting near the window since I bought it.



It’s a very hardy plant that can take a wide range of conditions, but I think in this case it may be not enough water since it’s a small pot. Rather than a little bit of water every 2 weeks, try drenching the soil, and letting the plant drain fully (Never let it sit in water), every 10 days.

You can clean out the dead leaves from the pot, but don’t be too aggresive – leave as much of the plant as you can.

Keep it in as sunny a window as you have and the plant should perk up pretty quickly. If it doesn’t, let me know.


California Native Plants25 Feb 2011 09:27 am

I see the “Ray Hartmans” are in bloom. I just thought you would want to know.


Reader Photos25 Feb 2011 07:59 am

From Cactus Blog reader Todd, this photo from last summer of a mature Echinopsis or hybrid thereof in bloom.

I’ve never seen that many flowers on a potted cactus – usually they need to be in the ground to be that bloomful.


Whippets25 Feb 2011 06:57 am

Questions24 Feb 2011 02:06 pm

Maybe you can help?

First we have the question and photo.

Dear Cactus Blog,

My succulent looks shriveled and sad. How can I rescue it? It’s sitting near a window that only gets light in the morning.

Here’s my response for now:

It’s hard to tell from the photo what’s going on, or even what plant it is. Do you know the species? And then here are some questions for you before I can diagnose it:

1. Where are you located
2. How much do you water?
3. Have you done anything differently recently? Moved it indoor, or outdoor? Changed the amount of sunlight? Watering?

Can you also send a clearer photo, preferably close-up.

News24 Feb 2011 10:52 am

Nor Palm trees. That’s what the El Paso Times editorial board wants you to know. That’s right – they wrote an editorial telling you not to plant Saguaros and Palms. Hah!

Unknown to some here, various species of palms, along with the stately saguaro cactus, cannot withstand extreme cold unless they are very well-protected, especially in the root area. We are the high desert, at about 4,000 feet above sea level. It gets cold here in the winter, and once every decade or two, it gets real cold. We had 1 degree Fahrenheit recently. And look at all the brown palms.

Odd subject for an editorial. I wonder if the editorial board had a meeting to discuss this. Maybe one person on the board came down on the other side of this hot topic, and would rather have recommended that people in El Paso do plant Saguaros anyway.

News24 Feb 2011 08:28 am

There’s something odd about the weather forecast for Berkeley this weekend.

Photography24 Feb 2011 07:20 am

Here’s a very nice Aeonium “Tricolor” in the ground. Notice the tightly leafed open rosettes.

Travel23 Feb 2011 01:08 pm


Misc23 Feb 2011 07:34 am

We’re visiting family that just moved to San Diego and this is what you give for a housewarming gift when you have a cactus nursery.


Nursery22 Feb 2011 02:16 pm

Another Euphorbia we’ve been growing for years and now is ready for propagating. Its a hybrid. Any guesses?


News22 Feb 2011 06:48 am

The Daily Mail is worried about your kids next week on holiday from school. Those little buggers of yours are going to be wandering around with nothing to do all week with the schools closed in England for winter break. What to do? Well, my nephew went to visit his grandparents in Florida this week during New York’s school break, but the English probably don’t have grandparents in Florida and it’s just not the same to take a holiday in Wales in February.

So plant a cactus!

If you’re looking for ideas to keep the children entertained during next week’s half-term holiday, why not get them to create an indoor cactus garden?

Kids are fascinated by this large clan of spiky plants that are easy to look after and virtually indestructible.

My children Louis, nine, and Lily, five, find prickly plants irresistible and they enjoyed planting up a container each with specimens they hand-picked at a garden centre.

I can tell you from our experience at the nursery that it’s true – kids are fascinated.

Nursery21 Feb 2011 07:40 am

We’ve been taking cuts for spring recently. Can you identify this unusual Euphorbia that we’ll hopefully have some rooted plants for sale this spring? We’ve been growing this one plant for 6 years before taking our first cuts.


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