June 2011

Berkeley Gardens22 Jun 2011 12:06 pm

On top of tiny tomato plants growing through the cracks there are new giant bamboo shoots shooting up around the pond.


Berkeley Gardens22 Jun 2011 11:02 am

Now look here, a tomato plant growing through the pavers? Ridiculous! Now I have to water the cement.


Questions22 Jun 2011 07:19 am

From: <5626075469@***>

Spoke 2 u today about this plant. Can u help me save it? It keeps getting smaller and less green. What am I doing wrong?

Dear Sir,

You have a Haworthia limifolia. We find these grow better indoor with bright light. They do tend to get darker colored in full sun and lose lots of bottom leaves. Water only every 2 weeks and don’t let them sit in water.


Misc21 Jun 2011 10:12 am

The fledging flew for the first time from the nest in the Yucca and landed on our steps. It had to pause for energy before trying to fly again. The parents were watching the whole time as I sat and cheered the baby bird on.

California Native Plants21 Jun 2011 09:26 am

Achillea “Paprika”

Do you want to see all the different yarrows currently in bloom all at once, or should I space them out so you can enjoy their colorful blooms for weeks to come?

California Native Plants20 Jun 2011 06:31 am

I have jury duty today. Hopefully that will be it. But blogging may slow down a bit. Of course, I could always do jury-pool-blogging for you.

Sisyrinchium bellum in the iris family. In person it always seems more blue than in the photos.

Photography19 Jun 2011 12:15 pm


Contests19 Jun 2011 07:29 am

Today there was a rabbit talking to a cactus.

I wonder what the cactus responded with? Caption Contest!

I’ll start it off with,

More sun, please.

I didn’t say they had to be funny.

Nursery18 Jun 2011 11:21 am

The little cluster of mini Echinopsis stems? Not one plant, as it happens.


Photography18 Jun 2011 08:40 am

The cactus blooms continue.

Echinopsis huascha

News18 Jun 2011 07:55 am

Hanging out on Lake Leelanau, Michigan for your summer vacation? Try this today.

Saturday, June 18; “Living Wreaths and Spheres.” Participants will create their own sphagnum wreaths or spheres with hardy succulents and sedums. This workshop is set for 10 a.m.

Later the same day, at 2 p.m. a variety of winter hardy succulents will be combined to create animal topiaries.

This seems to be a bit too specific for this blog. How many readers do we have on Lake Leelanau, Michigan? Probably none. Not even one. Makes me sad just to think about it.

Ah well, maybe next year.

California Native Plants17 Jun 2011 12:53 pm

Dudleya attenuata


Whippets17 Jun 2011 10:17 am

From 2004, when the whippet Benjamin was but a puppy.

Photography17 Jun 2011 08:27 am

What shall we post today? I have a backup of images since so many plants are in full bloom right now.

I know, let’s post a cresting cactus without flowers.

Myrtillocactus geometrizans crest

I wonder what the difference between flowers and blooms are, since I use the words interchangeably.

Let’s look it up!

OK, so it seems that they can be used as synonyms, or if you prefer the flower includes both the unopen bud phase and the open bloom phase. Huzzah!

Questions17 Jun 2011 07:14 am

My husband bought a couple of little plants from you 2-3 years ago. The plants live in an office, receiving lots of sunny Sacramento window light. They were brought home this week because they look terrible. I don’t know the names of these two plants. Please let me know what they are called and what can be done to return them to peak health.

Attached photo 2 shows the first plant that is limp, broke away from its roots, and I just pulled off the dead leaves to show you the stem.

Photo 4 is the second plant, leggy and stressed – unhappy: does not look like it is thriving.

Thank you very much for your time and support.
Sincerely, Sarah


The first plant is a Haworthia. The dead bottom leaves is not a problem since all succulents lose bottom leaves, but the breaking off from the roots is not good and was probably caused by too much water. You can replant it into fresh new fast-draining cactus soil and it will re-root. Keep it dry until you replant it, and don’t water for a week after.

The 2nd plant is a Crassula and it looks to me like it has not gotten a lot of light, although you say it’s been in a sunny window. Is the window covered, or does it have UV protection on it? In general, when succulents are getting less light they also need less water. It is time to repot the plant into a larger pot with new cactus soil. You can also take tip cuttings and reroot them instead if you prefer. Just cut the tips off each branch, keeping about 4 nodes on each. Let them dry for a few days and then poke them into new cactus soil.


Misc16 Jun 2011 04:31 pm

More Jamie Durie news, from Boston. Here he is with a cactus garden.

I’ve been searching Jamie Durie photos all day, just to find this one for you. Hard work…

Blogs16 Jun 2011 02:15 pm

Ant Plants, live from Indonesia! With photos of ants and plants, and ants in the plants.

(In case you were wondering, we’re talking Myrmecodia and Hydnophytums here).

Misc16 Jun 2011 11:20 am

Apparently there’s an Australian TV personality named Jamie Durie who has a landscape show on HGTV and a modelling career too.

The LA Times is featuring his backyard, what with the green roofs filled with succulents scattered around back there.

(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
The new timber-framed dining structure is open on three sides. It provides enough space for a generous table and U-shaped banquette…. The overhead box beams are actually planting channels that hold a cascade of succulents.

Quotes16 Jun 2011 09:32 am

I don’t do these very often any more, but sometimes politicians get pretty bizarre. From Mitt Romney we find out the startling truth:

‘I’m Also Unemployed’

Wow! An extremely wealthy man running for President is now “Unemployed”. Does that mean he’s sending out resumes and checking craigslist?

News&Photography16 Jun 2011 06:47 am

Pachypodium lamerei is in bloom. This plant is 8 ft. tall, and blooming for the first time. That is in it’s nature. Looks a lot like a plumeria flower.

In honor of our big blooming Pachypodium lamerei, we’re also now selling babies too so you can have the pleasure of growing the plant to 8 feet and watching it finally bloom.

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