January 2012

Travel31 Jan 2012 09:42 am

Products I find that we won’t be carrying.



It’s a cactus pen.

Berkeley Succulents31 Jan 2012 06:35 am


Agave attenuata, aka the Foxtail Agave.

Photography30 Jan 2012 10:16 am


Crassula “Springtime”

Look, I said blogging would be slow this week so you may have to make do with pretty little pictures.


Travel30 Jan 2012 06:47 am

I’ve got some posts lined up but blogging may be slow this week. Unless I find some exciting new material to share at the super secret location I’m going to. Stay tuned.

Plants29 Jan 2012 10:48 am

The newest addition to our terrarium plant collection at the nursery?

Scotch Moss! Sagina subulata “Aurea”

Irish Moss! Sagina subulata

Now you can finally make your own mossy terrariums in peace. just keep them a bit moist, don’t you know.

Misc28 Jan 2012 10:10 am

Gina sends along a link to the PlanetJune website with crocheted succulent bowls.


Photography27 Jan 2012 01:04 pm


Ferocactus glauca has mid-winter buds. I wonder why? Still, it will be months before we see blooms. I bet on June.

News27 Jan 2012 12:41 pm

Action 4 News from the far southern Texas border region warns you to look for Meth in your Cactus shipments. Or if you don’t get truck shipments, then the grocery store would be a good place to check.

Two men are behind bars after authorities found more than 132 pounds of crystal meth hidden inside a prickly pear cactus shipment….

The truck was carrying 1,380 boxes of “nopales,” which are prickly pear cactus pads used for cooking…

Officials found 94 packages with 132.2 pounds of crystal meth hidden inside the produce.

Whippets27 Jan 2012 08:24 am

A scintillating video of a sleeping whippet. Isn’t Jason cute? And look – he twitches! Enjoy!

Berkeley Succulents27 Jan 2012 07:23 am


San Pablo Ave.

I hope you like the “vignette blur” feature I’m now using to make the local Berkeley succulent photos look more interesting. I mean, this wheelbarrow is already very interesting, for sure, you know, and all, but maybe a little more interesting with the weird blur effect that makes it look like a toy?

News26 Jan 2012 12:06 pm

The Cactus Garden Mobile Home Park in Tucson is quite lovely in these photos they have on their website. A nice deserty experience.

I wonder why they’re in the news recently?

Police say they seized more than 100 grams of cocaine on Wednesday night… at a residence in the Cactus Garden Trailer Court. The cocaine had a street value of more than $10,000…

Some $6,500 in cash was also seized


Well, are there other pretty pictures? Yes, why yes there are.

[Late Update from the Editor: We apologize for any misunderstandings from this post. The cocaine bust was from an entirely different trailer park. In an entirely different state. This was not from Tucson, Arizona, but from Powell, MN. Sorry for the confusion.]

[2nd Late (Later?) Update from the Editor: Once AGAIN I must apologize. The cocaine story was not from Minnesota at all. It was from Wyoming. There, that should set the record straight. Are we OK now?]

News&Travel26 Jan 2012 11:14 am

Barry Goldwater was a Senator from Arizona, so it makes sense that if he was sketching he might sketch a cactus. And now that cactus sketch is in a gallery show in Los Angeles. Anyone from the gallery have a picture they want to share with us?

Art Made by U.S. Senators
Every once in a while, Margo Leavin Gallery pulls out one of the most precious artworks in its vaults, Jeffrey Vallance’s Drawings and Statements by U.S. Senators. In 1978, Vallance sent letters to senators in office, telling them he was working on a project about art and government, and asking if they’d send a drawing to support his project. The result? A quirky, almost intimate portrait of our elected leaders. One senator sent a snowman drawn by his daughter; two assigned their staff members to draw the Capitol (Jake Garn’s staffer was particularly precise); Dick Stone sent an autographed photo. Jesse Helms took the opportunity to espouse on regionalism, Barry Goldwater drew a delightfully abstract cactus (with a caption, in case Vallance didn’t recognize it), and Ted Kennedy explained that he used to paint but hadn’t had even “a moment to make a sketch” since taking office. 812 N. Robertson Blvd.; through March 10. (310) 273-0603, margoleavingallery.com.

Berkeley Succulents26 Jan 2012 09:21 am


Curtis Street

A galvanized tub along the sidewalk with Aeoniums. Very green.

Nursery25 Jan 2012 03:12 pm


Keith’s latest creation for a customer, to be delivered sometime. I wonder when?

Reader Photos25 Jan 2012 11:58 am

Not that kind of cactus, but a cactus that was a christmas gift cactus.

Hello Peter,

Evidently my son and husband visited you a few weeks ago and picked up a little something for me for Christmas! Thanks for helping them make an excellent choice! I love my new, big, Cleistocactus, yay! For the two weeks prior to xmas, my daughter kept it in her apartment right by the couch. She watched it bloom and more buds get ready to bloom! You can see in the picture that Jack and Mike made a tall gift wrapped box for it. I had to wait for a while before I could “open” the box.

I will keep it just outside my kitchen window where I can see it every day…it’s near all my other cactus and succulents as well. Is there anything special I should know or do for it? It looks like it could use more red rock…oh, should I keep the supports tied around the four of them?

Perhaps I will visit you in the next month or two and redeem my cactus punch cards!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Hap…


A happy story indeed!

Berkeley Succulents&Questions&Reader Photos25 Jan 2012 07:08 am

Hello guys-
I was just at your store last week visiting from San Diego. I wish I lived closer so I could buy more than the pink garden gloves I got! My sister lives in Berkeley and she takes me to your nursery every time I come up. We love to roam around and find out the names of some things in our garden which are unnamed.

I’d like to know if you could please identify this aloe for me. Seen here, it is about 3 years old and was given to my sister by her succulent guru who has a fantastic garden, but doesn’t always remember the names of her plants!

Thanks very much,


You have an Aloe striata v. karasbergensis. We love this aloe but it is a lot slower growing than the Coral Aloe species it comes from.


Science24 Jan 2012 03:25 pm

From Biologist and Photographer of biologically active subjects, Alex Wild, comes a picture of a beetle. A longhorn beetle on a cactus. An Opuntia.

You’ll have to click through to see what I’m talking about. Click away!


News24 Jan 2012 10:33 am

Miami is in on the terrarium bandwagon.

Terrariums, miniature gardens enclosed in glass, are bigger than ever in home decor. And the current crop of indoor displays for your house or office feature an amazing selection of containers.

Everything from succulents to ferns and moss can be grown in these indoor gardens, which have been popular as far back as the 1800s. Elegant Victorian-style cases remain popular, but contemporary styles include delicate hanging orbs, hand-blown pitchers and simple jars.

Actually, the article was a wire service article, written in Kentucky, so it probably has been published in newspapers across the country and not just in the Miami Herald News Local Times of the Day.

Here, have a photo of one of our terrariums.

Wait that’s not really a terrarium at all. Here, try this one instead.

That’s better!

News24 Jan 2012 08:33 am

In Ohio they recommend you plant your succulents in large stone troughs. That way you can put them on wheels and move them inside for the winter, so I presume, since the Aloes in their aren’t going to survive. Now the Sempervivums on the other hand…

SHNS photo courtesy Maureen Gilmer
This large stone trough features a number of different Sempervivum plants as well as small aloes.
Videos - Instructional23 Jan 2012 11:35 pm


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