Friday, May 4th, 2012

Nursery04 May 2012 11:15 am


That’s 3, count them 3, Parodia scopa’s in there. Keith insists he doesn’t like to add the little terrarium ornaments we have, so none in this little glass gem. He’s a purist that way.


Whippets04 May 2012 10:09 am


Photography04 May 2012 06:55 am

Sempervivum “Hopewell” has some amazing colorway. These are the 1 gallon sized plants, but the 3″ plants we have also have the same remarkable colors.


In case you were wondering (and db was wondering…) the photo, like all my photos, was taken with natural light only. I don’t even know how to use artificial lighting. Light switch? Never heard of it. Fluorescents? Hah! I spit in their general direction.