Euphorbia royleana

Apparently this plant has the common name of Churee. I don’t know anything about how it got that name.

The plant itself is from the Himalayan regions of India. It has stunning leaves which we find always drop off on us.

Here’s a closeup of the blooms with a new leaf started right behind.


Euphorbia royleana will grow tree like to maybe 8ft. tall, slowly. The branches all tend to grow fairly vertically, around 3″ diameter.

Moderately poisonous like most Euphorbias, mostly its milky white sap is a bad irritant. But don’t ingest, please.

These are hardy to about 28F, however we find they cannot handle our normal winter rains so we keep them under cover in Berkeley. They make a great potted houseplant since they can handle fairly low light levels and very low water levels, without eventually growing as tall as some of the other columnar euphorbias around that will hit the ceiling of your home.