Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Airplants26 Jan 2013 11:15 am

Today is the 2nd day of our Tillandsia Weekend Holiday, so that makes it Tillandsia Saturday.

Tillandsia aeranthos bergeri

Tillandsia aeranthos x bergeri is a hybrid between two very different species. Can you guess what those two species are? I knew you could.

Airplants26 Jan 2013 09:53 am

Tillandsia butzii

Tillandsia butzii is very unusual and striped and bulbous. These are much larger than what we usually have available.

Questions&Reader Photos26 Jan 2013 09:32 am

I saw this very large succulent planted outside along the beach at a Santa Monica. Can you identify it? Do you sell it?



That’s an Aeonium, probably Aeonium subplanum. We do have it in stock, as well as many other similar ones as well.