Friday, February 1st, 2013

How-to01 Feb 2013 03:43 pm

Apparently this idea is an idea for upcycling – otherwise known as re-using, but with a fancy name.


There’s no instructions at the Upcycle site. And it doesn’t tell you how long they will last in those tiny “pots”. Good luck!

Blogs01 Feb 2013 11:52 am

CactGuy has found some very “colorful” cacti and succulents, i.e. they’re painted or dyed and will not be long for this world. Poor things.

We’ve seen them out and around at the trade shows, along with things like blue orchids. Oh the horror.

News&Travel01 Feb 2013 10:54 am

You can help restore cactus wren habitat! But only if you happen to be in Irvine this weekend, or are willing to drive there ASAP.

Cactus Wren Habitat Restoration
Saturday, Feb 2 9:00a to 12:30p

Help the recovery and movement of the cactus wren in the City of Irvine and surrounding open space areas. The project area is one of several that have been arranged in a line-of-sight fashion in an attempt to facilitate a rebound of cactus wrens. Volunteers will plant cactus using special tools. Bring water, snacks, sun protection, long sleeves, long pants, a hat, and good shoes. Tools, safety equipment, will be provided by Irvine Ranch Conservancy. Pre-registration is required.

They’re so cute! Those cactus wrens….

Photography01 Feb 2013 09:28 am

It must be winter-growing-aloe-bloom-season in the Bay Area!

aloe africana

Aloe africana is an African Aloe also known as African Aloe. It’s from South Africa, of course. The Eastern Cape. These are some very orange flowers. The plant itself is a single-stemmed, generally solitary tree aloe to 10ft. tall. The marginal spines are vigorous, though not so large or numerous as to be hazardous.