Monday, February 4th, 2013

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I don’t know anything about this painting. I found it on the Instagrams, photo by justinclemons.

If we assume this picture was painted in Texas, and the cowboy is from 1892, given the outfit he’s wearing, especially the trademark red bandana, plus the length of the horse’s tail, we can determine this picture was painted in West Creek, Texas in July and from that we can determine the speciesĀ  of the cacti the horse is trying to avoid: Opuntia cowboyensis ssp. redtexbandanensis.

Good to know!

News04 Feb 2013 01:59 pm

South Coast Cactus & Succulent Society Lecture
Sunday, Feb 10 1:30p
South Coast Botanic Garden Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Peter Walkowiak from San Diego will give a hands-on demonstration on “How to grow and hybridize Euphorbias — Medusa and Caudex forms.” Peter has won many awards for his plants and will be bringing some of those to sell.

Actually that does seem pretty interesting, though not much to do with cactus at all. I guess my headline above is totally misleading – both for its sarcastic tone and the reference to cactus.

Photography&Plants04 Feb 2013 08:53 am


Crassula perforata have the tiniest of blooms. They don’t really look like much. They crowd together at the tips of a growing stem which will then benefit when you cut the spent blooms off. It’s hard to tell without a magnifier when they’re spent or still in bloom. I would guess the tiny flowers are only 2mm across, but then I don’t know the metric system at all so I could be wrong. Here’s a life-size metric ruler, so they say, that shows what 2mm is.

The macro photo is not so clear. But it’s the best I’ve been able to get. It almost looks like a watercolor. Here is the same photo with a watercolor filter applied.