Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Videos - Instructional19 Feb 2013 04:09 pm

From J Peterson Garden Design in Austin, TX

I’ll have to try that out. Of course, here in Northern California we have better local wines than they do in Texas, so it’s all good.

Misc19 Feb 2013 03:37 pm

Keith’s latest creation featuring Dendrobium kingianum, Scleranthus biflorus and a few Cryptanthus “Minor.”

Close up! You can almost feel that Australian Astroturf.

Misc19 Feb 2013 03:23 pm

just a cute cluster of sempervivums in this little square pot.


Photography&Plants19 Feb 2013 08:23 am


Leucadendron “Wilson’s Wonder”

Native to South Africa
Evergreen Shrub

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low
Size: 4 to 5ft.

Red-tipped leaves, reddish stems; gets covered in moderately large yellow cone flowers in late winter. Hardy to 25°F.