Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Misc20 Feb 2013 04:13 pm

Actually its a succulent and its at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. But the postcard comes from Michigan.


Desert Botanical Gardens, Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona. The Boojum Tree, or Cirio, is a native of Baja California, resembles an inverted carrot, with very small branches. This tree is a member of the Candlewood family, which also includes the Ocotillo.

Photography&Plants20 Feb 2013 07:54 am


Dendrobium kingianum is hardy down to around freezing around here, and works well both inside or out. It blooms late winter, as you can see, through spring.

We grow them in orchid bark, or as we prefer coconut husk chunks. I think we will be watering weekly indoor, and every 2 weeks if they’re in a shady spot outdoor. Fertilize every month. Easy!