We have 2 new Sundews at the nursery. The classic Forked Sundew and a new White Sundew. Nice!


Drosera binata – Forked Sundew

Native to Australia and New Zealand
Deciduous Carnivore (Evergreen if Grown Indoors)

Sun: Partial to Full Sun
Water: Daily, Distilled Water Best
Size: Draping, 12- 18″ leaves

Dew covered multi-forked leaves turning bright red in the sun. Sticky dew captures insects. It forms a large insect-catching bush. Best grown in 50/50 peat moss and sand. Also grows well in standing water. Hardy to 25F.


Drosera capensis “Alba” – White Sundew

Native to South Africa
Perennial Carnivore

Sun: Partial to Full Sun
Water: Bog
Size: Low-growing, 6″ across

White leaves are covered with sticky hairs, will move like tentacles to capture and digest insects. Thrives in hot and humid conditions, but can be grown outside.