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Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents19 Mar 2015 05:33 am


This yellow Delosperma is on 4th Street in Berkeley.

OK, so it’s in front of the store. Which store you ask? How can you ask that?!? It’s Cactus Jungle!

If you follow me on the instagrams you might see this same picture, but filtered. Very filtered.

Berkeley Gardens31 Jan 2015 10:47 am


New growth on the Opuntia basilaris v caudata in January means this drought has gone on long enough.

Berkeley Gardens20 Jan 2015 08:15 am



Puya Raimundii at UC Botanical Garden is starting to list, indicating the end is near. The Chronicle/Sam Whiting

The Puya Raimondii that bloomed mysteriously last summer after a 24-year wait at the UC Botanical Garden, is showing signs of fatigue six months later… The blooms that came up last summer were tiny and white on a bud that was 15 feet high.

It was a spectacular show while it lasted. Buh Bye!

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Science26 Dec 2014 07:33 am


Ceiba speciosa

Derby St, Berkeley

These have amazing flowers 💐 and giant trunks and amazing thick spines. Nice! And they grow them in Berkeley right along the streets.

They are in the former Bombax family, with other succulent bottle trees, which is now the Bombax subfamily (Bombacoideae) of the mallow family, Malvaceae. Wow! That means it’s a giant tree that is closely related to these delicate and gorgeous California Native perennials. Sweet.

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus16 Dec 2014 08:08 am


Christmas lights on a cactus garden in Berkeley!

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents29 Oct 2014 03:35 pm


Jones Street Berkeley
Aeonium clump, low growing, click to enlarge so you can really see the whole thing.

Berkeley Gardens14 Oct 2014 05:13 pm


Buddleia davidii “Buzz Purple”
Dwarf Butterfly Bush
Asian Hybrid
Semi-Evergreen Perennial

Sun: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water: Moderate
Size: 2 to 3ft.

Beautiful compact plant only 24″ tall in container. Stunning purple inflorescence. Great for patios and smaller gardens. Hardy to below 0F.


Berkeley Gardens01 Oct 2014 04:30 pm


Cowper Street, Berkeley

It’s an elephant shrine!

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus01 Sep 2014 06:49 am


Opuntia “Maverick” on 10th St in Berkeley.

Berkeley Gardens&Questions06 Aug 2014 04:56 pm


I stopped by wanting to find out what this is.
From: Janice



That is a Dasylirion wheeleri, and we do have a number of Dasylirions, including that one, in stock.


Berkeley Gardens27 Jul 2014 10:49 am


Epilobium canum hanging around in full bloom in Berkeley.

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Cactus17 Jul 2014 08:49 am


Opuntia linguiformis

Just off San Pablo Ave in Berkeley

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus10 Jul 2014 01:00 pm


Cylindropuntia prolifera

Berkeley cactus garden.

Bamboo&Berkeley Gardens07 Jul 2014 04:28 pm

Available in Berkeley!

My husband built two handsome and modern bamboo planters to stage our yard when we put our Berkeley home on the market. They do not work in our new yard so we are selling them and wondered if you or anyone you know might be interested in buying them? The pots have never been used, other than for staging, and are:

  • Handcrafted from Redwood that was sealed for exterior usage.
  • Built with weather resistant, galvanized metal
  • Designed for self-watering
  • Lined with Pond Liner
  • Built for bamboo but can also be used to plant vegetables, flowers or other plants
  • Larger pot is: 115″ x 31 1/2″; 31 1/2 ” high
  • Smaller pot is: 62″ x 31 1/2

Please see a photo attached.

bamboo planter

Thank you!


We don’t know anyone for those, but maybe you do our there in blog-landia. Let us know if you do!

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Cactus03 Jul 2014 08:28 am


4th Street, Berkeley

Aloe nobilis blooms and a Nopalea cochenilifera too!

This is actually in our front bed at the store. Nice!

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus21 Jun 2014 08:06 am


San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Flowering cholla among the bamboo.

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents13 Jun 2014 08:30 am


Page Street, Berkeley

Cotyledon orbiculata in full bloom. Now that’s a nicely shaped shrubby and chalky succulent, just like your mother used to make.

And in case you don’t also follow me on instagram, here’s the instagrammed and filtered version that appeared there.


Which do you like better?

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents24 May 2014 01:24 pm


Kniphofia on Cedar St., Berkeley

Berkeley Gardens21 May 2014 11:49 am


Iris hexagona. Being a water plant we don’t carry it at our drought-tolerant cactus and succulents nursery. Yet. But maybe someday.

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus22 Feb 2014 12:34 pm

opuntia stannage ave

Stannage Ave., Berkeley

This cactus is a Opuntia. Probably an Opuntia tuna-blanca which will get large orange flowers and large red edible cactus fruit. Tunas for everyone! Delicious.

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