Berkeley Succulents

Berkeley Succulents16 Aug 2015 05:34 am


Echinopsis in bloom on Ward St, Berkeley

Berkeley Succulents15 Aug 2015 07:07 am


Euphorbia on Ward St in Berkeley

Berkeley Succulents13 Aug 2015 07:44 pm


Euphorbia ammak
Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

Bay Area Gardens&Berkeley Succulents25 Jul 2015 12:43 pm


Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents30 Jun 2015 11:58 am


Page Street, Berkeley

Berkeley Succulents25 Jun 2015 02:56 pm

Sedum Strip

Page Street, Berkeley

A sidewalk strip of mixed Sedums, creeping onto the sidewalk…


Berkeley Succulents&Cactus&Nursery11 Jun 2015 07:37 pm


Cactus Jungle

And a bonus mystery cactus flower!



Berkeley Succulents09 Jun 2015 09:08 am


Page Street, Berkeley

Agave and Anigozanthos make for a nice drought-tolerant landscape. Colorful too!

Berkeley Succulents18 May 2015 09:01 am


A nice window box of succulents on College Ave in Berkeley.

Sedum, Pelargonium and the popular Sempervivum tectorum greenii.

Berkeley Succulents29 Apr 2015 08:04 am

La Vereda

La Vereda, Berkeley

Berkeley Succulents&How-to&Reader Photos22 Apr 2015 09:08 am


Nadia sends along a photo of her beautiful succulent wall panel she made at our Cactus Jungle wall panel class this weekend.


More classes coming up? Yes!

Berkeley Succulents16 Apr 2015 09:30 am

La Vereda

La Vereda Road, Berkeley

Aloe striata hybrid in full hummingbird-loving bloom.


Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents19 Mar 2015 05:33 am


This yellow Delosperma is on 4th Street in Berkeley.

OK, so it’s in front of the store. Which store you ask? How can you ask that?!? It’s Cactus Jungle!

If you follow me on the instagrams you might see this same picture, but filtered. Very filtered.

Berkeley Succulents16 Feb 2015 11:19 am


Grayson St, Berkeley
Aeoniums in a potted succulent garden.

Berkeley Succulents03 Feb 2015 10:11 am


Arctostaphylos morroensis
Morro Manzanita

Native to California
Evergreen shrub

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low, summer-drought
Size: 6t x 8w.

Endangered in its native range in Southern Cal., it grows well coastal gardens throughout the state. Lavender flowers with red berries.

Berkeley Succulents27 Jan 2015 10:17 am


Aeonium “Voodoo” is a big-head version of the classic “Schwartzkopf” or Black Rose Aeonium. Big head indeed. These are it’s winter colors. Nice!

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Science26 Dec 2014 07:33 am


Ceiba speciosa

Derby St, Berkeley

These have amazing flowers 💐 and giant trunks and amazing thick spines. Nice! And they grow them in Berkeley right along the streets.

They are in the former Bombax family, with other succulent bottle trees, which is now the Bombax subfamily (Bombacoideae) of the¬†mallow¬†family, Malvaceae. Wow! That means it’s a giant tree that is closely related to these delicate and gorgeous California Native perennials. Sweet.

Berkeley Succulents&Terrariums06 Dec 2014 06:42 am


We make these high-quality succulent terrariums so you don’t have to. They are ready to go. Ready to give as gifts. Ready to water and grow and be your favorite thing ever. This one is by Pia


Berkeley Succulents21 Nov 2014 05:35 am


San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Agave attenuata and an Aloe ciliaris in bloom.

Berkeley Succulents04 Nov 2014 08:43 am

It’s November already? It must be time for Mixed Succulents, Terrariums, Hanging Wall Panels, and Succulent Wreaths. Yes it is.


And here we see the start of the November season with a fancy mixed pot. How fancy? I count 3 lovely little succulents in one locally made hypertufa pot. Is that a Sedum? yes it is! and there’s a Sedeveria and a Crassula too. So that’s good.

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