Berkeley Succulents

Berkeley Succulents&Photography22 Jul 2014 03:56 pm


I see we’re growing some very colorful Echeveria Hybrids this time of year.


While it’s true they are very colorful, they’re not really this colorful. There may have been some filtering going on with these photos too.


But so nice…

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Cactus17 Jul 2014 08:49 am


Opuntia linguiformis

Just off San Pablo Ave in Berkeley

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Cactus03 Jul 2014 08:28 am


4th Street, Berkeley

Aloe nobilis blooms and a Nopalea cochenilifera too!

This is actually in our front bed at the store. Nice!

Berkeley Succulents25 Jun 2014 04:09 pm


I say, how about a terrarium? And a caveman or monkey man from the Ascent of Man series would be a fantastic, and ironic, finishing touch.

Berkeley Succulents14 Jun 2014 11:05 am


Aeonium lindleyi
Small, shrubby to 12″, with small dense green rosettes

Hardy to 25F 
Full Sun to Part Shade
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents13 Jun 2014 08:30 am


Page Street, Berkeley

Cotyledon orbiculata in full bloom. Now that’s a nicely shaped shrubby and chalky succulent, just like your mother used to make.

And in case you don’t also follow me on instagram, here’s the instagrammed and filtered version that appeared there.


Which do you like better?

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents24 May 2014 01:24 pm


Kniphofia on Cedar St., Berkeley

Berkeley Succulents20 May 2014 11:27 am


Telegraph Ave., Berkeley

An Agave americana that will get too big for its location soon enough, plus some bonus scented geranium.

Berkeley Succulents08 May 2014 01:56 pm


Nice big bloom stalk!


Agave flowers up close and personal

Berkeley Succulents06 May 2014 11:43 am


Here is our proposal for succulent baskets. Who is the proposal for? It’s a secret. But still, don’t you think we should get it? Of course you do. And we thank you for your support.

Berkeley Succulents05 May 2014 07:42 am


7th Street, Berkeley

In this clever photo I chose to hide the Agave behind a fence. I could have walked a few feet and taken the picture without the fence in the way, but then you wouldn’t have seen the scaffolding. So those were the choices and this is the result.

Berkeley Succulents04 May 2014 10:31 am


8th Street, Berkeley

Aeonium subplanum

Berkeley Succulents27 Apr 2014 08:25 am


Grayson St, Berkeley

Aloe plicatilis

Berkeley Succulents22 Apr 2014 02:18 pm


San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Berkeley Succulents16 Apr 2014 08:56 am


Jones Street, Berkeley

Aloe nobilis, the Golden Tooth Aloe.

Berkeley Succulents&Cactus30 Mar 2014 01:42 pm


Grayson St, Berkeley

Berkeley Succulents25 Mar 2014 01:47 pm


Pardee St, Berkeley
Aeonium “Schwartzkopf”

This one has enough rosettes that it will pull through the bloom period just fine, but many would not make it alive after the flowering.

Berkeley Succulents02 Mar 2014 10:22 am

Aloe berkeley

Howe Street

Aloe reitzii? ferox? and a Cotyledon.

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents20 Feb 2014 11:32 am

agave and penstemon stannage ave

Stannage Ave., Berkeley

A nice garden with Agave attenuata and a red-flowering Penstemon. Nice mounds.

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents18 Feb 2014 03:30 pm

Just kidding! The Bay Area stops at the Berkeley border for my Berkeley Succulent posts.

crassula stannage ave

Stannage Ave., Berkeley

Crassula tetragona is the Pine Tree Succulent. And here we have a nice grove of them with a ground cover of oxalis.

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