Blogs&Whippets30 Mar 2014 07:54 am

Jason got himself on This is 4 My Blog‘s Tumblr. I wonder how many tumblr photos of Jason and Benjamin there are out there?

Blogs&Carnivorous Plants26 Feb 2014 12:34 pm

The Pitcher Plant Project has some great photos of some early blooming Pitcher Plants, being in the Sarracenias.


Indeed they are, and some of the plants are budding before they grow spring pitchers, but that’s just normal.

Blogs25 Feb 2014 02:32 pm

Life on the Balcony wants to show you how to…

Hello 1970! How to Make a Tiny Terrarium and Macrame Hanger

To be fair, it’s more like they wanted you to make this last year before Christmas, I just didn’t get around to sharing this with you until today, a long time after Christmas indeed.

Art&Blogs&Travel16 Feb 2014 10:46 am

THE ARK from ANTIVJ is a visual label on Vimeo.

(Sent in by Mr. S at Plants are the Strangest People.)

Blogs&Oakland15 Feb 2014 07:20 am

I Can Stop Tomorrow‘s Mark has a spectacular curly leafed aloe coming into bloom.

Aloe vanbalenii!

Click the link! Apparently there’s been some tsuris between this Aloe and the A. Hercules behind. Read the whole story to find out about it.

And while Mark uses Oakland hipster terms like “super jel” I use old Yiddish words like “tsuris” so there’s that.

Blogs05 Feb 2014 02:50 pm

Hort Log has quite the discovery. Photographic proof too.

This is the juvenile form of Rhaphidophora – often called a shingle plant as the leaves flatten and wrap tightly around tree trunks.

That’s crazy!

Blogs03 Feb 2014 03:47 pm

Pam Penick’s Digging found a strange steel planter in Austin with an overgrown agave hanging off it. It’s a very interesting sight!

I do love a nice squid agave (A. bracteosa), and steel planters rock. This one is meant to be an address marker, however, and the squid has simply grown too large, obscuring the numbers.

Click through for the pictures.

Blogs&Botanic Gardens&Travel01 Feb 2014 02:43 pm

Danger Garden visited the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek and a lot of photos were taken. How many?

I had no idea I took over a hundred photographs that day. The garden is just that inspiring.

Click through for all the sunny succulents in all their sunny glory. As seen by Danger Garden of course. There were Yuccas and Agaves in bloom. If you don’t want to click through to see all the pictures, then get yourself over to the gardens and see them in person.

Airplants&Blogs30 Jan 2014 01:39 pm

CactGuy has gotten around to marrying Dinosaurs and Airplants. Dinosaurs and airplants…. My favorites! Why, they should be in a museum!

Blogs28 Jan 2014 03:36 pm

Succulents and More has a new crop of Aloe babies received from a fellow collector found on facebook. Wait, you mean facebook is good for something?

While buying larger specimens provides instant gratification, there’s something even more special about young plants,barely out of seedlinghood. I think of them as the botanical equivalent of babies and toddlers—so full of life and promise, virtually all their life still ahead of them.

Click through for the pictures of the bare root baby Aloes. Fine.

Blogs18 Nov 2013 04:26 pm

Want to know how fast some Aeoniums can grow?

Check out the before and after photos at Bamboo, Succulents and More.

That’s a lot of growth!

Blogs09 Nov 2013 09:32 am

Herb and Lace came and visited and pet the dogs and enjoyed the succulent wreaths and wrote us up!


Interestingly, while their blog entry is new, the photo accompanying it was taken a few years ago. I can tell because you can see the edge of a wood-burning stove in the photo that we haven’t had at the nursery for a few years. 3 years?

Blogs05 Aug 2013 11:02 am

Plants are the Strangest People has a frog in a bromeliad.

CactGuy found an interesting planter window box with an overgrown cactus in Dallas.

Far Out Flora is back in town and visiting the Bonsai collection at Lake Merritt.

Oregon Cactus Blog has some stunning deep pink Hoya flowers. I’ve never seen them that pink on a Hoya. Photoshop trick or all natural?

Lithops Stories is repotting some gorgeous Titanopsis calcarea seedlings.

Pitcher Plant Project has a large and successful pot of Sarracenia psittacina growing nicely and photogenically.

Do you have a new Cactus or Succulent Blog or Tumblr and want to share with us? Let us know all about you in the comments. Bamboos and Carnivorous Plant Blogs welcome too.

Blogs10 Jul 2013 02:10 pm

Ohcrackohcrack has a fondness for cactus. Maybe a bit too much fondness.

Pamelalovenyc likes the color pink. Nice Saguaro.

No photo for this next tumblr picture. It’s NSFW and an inappropriate use of cactus.

Outdoor Arizona has some good access to the Saguaros in Summer. Classic!

Blogs12 Jun 2013 06:59 am

Tokyo DIY Gardening has discovered an amazing little Peanut Cactus (Echinopsis chamaecereus) clinging to the pavement.


Volunteer Cactus in Akishima, Tokyo.



Blogs22 Mar 2013 02:13 pm

Creature Comforts puts together a nice mixed succulent pot, and does a good job of naming all the plants.

The thing is, that even though I have been a horrid gardener up to this point in my life, I have always had a deep affinity for succulents. They will forever remind me of childhood visits with my grandparents here in California. As a kid who lived neck-deep in snow most of the year in Minnesota and Montana, stepping off the airplane and into a place warm with sun and brimming with plants and flowers was something more than just a little bit magical to me.

Click through to see all the pictures.

Blogs17 Mar 2013 10:56 am

How fun is it around here on a Sunday? Why, it’s Boxing-Glove-Cactus fun. Now that’s a heck of a lot of fun. If you click through the link to the artist’s own page, you will see a secret surprise on the backside of this heavenly Boxing Glove Cactus.

boxing glove cactus

Two String Jane

Oh, Boxing Glove Cactus, Why do you make me so happy?

Blogs05 Mar 2013 03:58 pm

According to CactGuy, Cactus Season has begun!

I think this means you can start fertilizing and watering.

Blogs25 Feb 2013 03:48 pm


From Art Chang’s instagram feed, succulents from the Cactus Jungle. You can even see the frequent buyer card hiding in the box!

Don’t forget to follow my Cactus Jungle/personal instagram feed too. More succulent photos every day! More whippet photos!

Blogs23 Feb 2013 01:08 pm

Cacti Guy has been grafting Echinocereus onto Pereskiopsis to get them to grow faster. It’s kind of a strange sight.

And don’t confuse Cacti Guy with CactGuy who instead has a tumblr filled with photos like this one of a beautiful Manfreda.

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