Cactus&Photography&Plants19 Sep 2014 08:19 am

People like pictures. Pretty pictures of pink flowers are even better!

Cactus flowers on a cactus blog are just so the absolute best.

And what do we have here?


Gymnocalycium stenopleurum ssp. friedrichii

Small barrel cactus from Paraguay  gets only 4″ across.

Cactus&Photography08 Sep 2014 01:01 pm

I see we have some late blooming barrel cactus at the store. Nice!


Ferocactus glaucescens


Ferocactus pottsi

For some reason, people always like the 2nd flower better. Weird!

Cactus06 Sep 2014 01:16 pm


Opuntia microdasys “Aurea”

Dotted with tiny glochids, mounding small pads to 3ft.
Hardy to 20F

Cactus&Reader Photos06 Sep 2014 07:01 am

Hey there, guys…
Sorry to bother you, but does the tagged specimen look like a positive id for Eriosyce occulta? The tag says that but it looks like more a copiapoa to me.


The untagged one looks like an eriosyce, too, perhaps?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!


It’s not a Copiapoa. It’s probably an Eriosyce that has been greenhouse grown. The spines at top are black, and you can look for a taproot when you replant it. Or wait until it flowers for a final ID. There are others it could be like a Coryphantha, but it would be a rare Coryphantha with black spines, so it is most likely the Eriosyce.

I don’t know the untagged one, but I don’t think it is E. occulta. I’ll post it to the blog, but you may have to wait until it flowers – send us a picture when it does!


Berkeley Gardens&Cactus01 Sep 2014 06:49 am


Opuntia “Maverick” on 10th St in Berkeley.

Cactus26 Aug 2014 06:02 am



Opuntia robusta

Tall, fast growing blue prickly pear with large round pads
 Hardy to 20F 
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Cactus19 Aug 2014 05:03 pm


Don’t do this. Don’t paint your cactus.

Cactus11 Aug 2014 12:24 pm


Coryphantha delaetiana – Beehive Cactus
3″ across, solitary. Rhomboid tubercles. Pale yellow flowers.
  Hardy to 25F 
  Full Sun to Part Sun
  Cactus Soil
  Low Water

Cactus06 Aug 2014 11:53 am


Tephrocactus articulatus v. papyracanthus

Papery-spines w/glochids; 6″; Hardy to 25°F
The stems break off readily and go rolling around, then they root and presto! You’re cloning a new plant. Nice!

Cactus31 Jul 2014 08:28 am


Opuntia “Baby Rita”
Small pads, will grow 3 feet tall. Very spiny pads turn purple in winter.
Hardy to 15F 
Full Sun to Part Sun
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Cactus30 Jul 2014 04:50 pm


Mammilaria elongata


Long stems, 1″ diameter, clumping; tight star-shape spines. Small cream-colored flowers form a crown around the tips of the stems.

Hardy to 25F

Full Sun

Cactus Soil

Low Water

Cactus21 Jul 2014 08:47 am


Anne’s latest Cactus Terrarium us a custom job for a customer’s terrarium glass.

👑 🌵 💃

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Cactus17 Jul 2014 08:49 am


Opuntia linguiformis

Just off San Pablo Ave in Berkeley

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus10 Jul 2014 01:00 pm


Cylindropuntia prolifera

Berkeley cactus garden.

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Cactus03 Jul 2014 08:28 am


4th Street, Berkeley

Aloe nobilis blooms and a Nopalea cochenilifera too!

This is actually in our front bed at the store. Nice!

Cactus&Questions30 Jun 2014 06:54 am

From the Cactus Jungle Facebook Page comes a Cactus Question:

Question: Echinopsis hybrid. My friend brought him to Florida. Any idea what the brown growth is all about?


Barbra Ann

Barbra Ann,

Nice flowers! The cactus is an Echinopsis eyriesii – Easter Lily Cactus. It’s called “barking” and the cactus is forming bark at the base of the plant with age.


Berkeley Gardens&Cactus21 Jun 2014 08:06 am


San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Flowering cholla among the bamboo.

Cactus&Travel15 Jun 2014 09:09 am

Apparently we have an Italian namesake – Cactus Jungle, Italy – and they make fabric cactuses.


Very nice! Welcome to the Cactus Jungle family! Now do we get a share of their profits?

Cactus&Reader Photos09 Jun 2014 05:56 pm


From my mother-in-law in Idaho comes a picture of some beautiful cactus in bloom; and a cousin made a cactus sculpture out of horseshoes.


Cactus&Photography26 May 2014 10:38 am


It’s a Monday holiday miracle! The largest, most colorful Epi bloom I have ever captured on digital film.

Epiphyllums are often called Orchid Cactus, and sometimes called Night Blooming Cereus, but that last one would be wrong. Although some epi’s are night bloomers, most are not and none of the Epiphyllums are Cereuses. Cereus are Cereuses. And some true night blooming Cereus are almost as spectacular as this day blooming Epiphyllum. But then you’d have to wake up in the middle of the night for those, but not for these.

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