Bay Area Gardens&Cactus25 Feb 2016 08:37 am


Cereus peruviana
Mabel St
Across from San Pablo Park.

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus14 Feb 2016 10:49 am


Matthews St, Berkeley

Cactus04 Feb 2016 04:32 pm

Jess slowly weeding the spiniest of cactus! Photobombed by Jeremiah! Nice.
Botanic Gardens&Cactus07 Jan 2016 02:44 pm


That’s a beautiful Denmoza x Cleistocactus hybrid! Sweet.

As seen at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena.

Cactus24 Dec 2015 10:10 am

Do the Christmas Cactus bloom on Christmas?


They do!

Cactus30 Oct 2015 08:26 am


Stenocactus crispatus


4″ solitary barrel, undulating ribs, variable spines.

Hardy to 20F 
Full Sun
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Cactus&How-to24 Oct 2015 07:49 am

Musicians have been playing with cactus ever since John Cage wrote a piece for cactus many years ago. Probably people were playing cactus even longer ago than that, but there you go – John Cage gets all the credit.

Farkas, 30, plays percussion

instruments such as marimba and snare drum, but nothing captures attention like playing the spines of a cactus in a pot….


As strange as it may sound to others, Farkas said, cactus playing is a thing in the percussion world — mostly thanks to avant-garde composer and music theorist John Cage. Cage’s “Child of Tree,” composed in 1975, uses instruments made of plant materials, including the cactus. 

Best if all this particular article comes with instructions! Now you can know how to play the cactus yourself!

How to Play the Cactus

1. Get a cactus with long, evenly spread spines.

2. Make a contact microphone using a piezoelectric transducer, plug it into an amplifier and attach it to one of the cactus spines.

3. Use your fingers or other objects to pluck or rub the spines to create sound. Bonus points for rhythm without injury.


Cactus&Travel23 Oct 2015 09:17 am


Another picture of a Parodia nivosa in bloom. So much pretty.

And a bonus photo! Of a perfect fall day in Central Park in New York. Nice!


Cactus&Plants20 Oct 2015 07:37 am


Melocactus violaceus

Large, globular, with white-haired cephalium when mature.

Cactus&Photography19 Oct 2015 09:09 am


Parodia nivosa

Bay Area Succulents&Cactus08 Sep 2015 05:38 pm


Dominic shares his first bloom off a Cactus Jungle San Pedro cactus in the heat today in Pinole. Nice. Hot.

Thanks, Dominic.

Cactus&Questions04 Sep 2015 10:31 am

Hello again Peter,

Hoping you could ID some succulents for me

My gf has been trying to search for their IDs and is stumped.


Appreciate your assistance as always!



You have there a very adorable little Beehive Cactus, a Coryphantha difficilis.


Cactus31 Aug 2015 06:02 pm


We Are Happy Plants is a band that posts pictures of happy plants on their Facebook page. Like this photo of a car with cactus. Car…. Cactus…. What could go wrong?!?

Cactus28 Aug 2015 07:32 am




Rebutia, Weingartia, Mammilaria

Collect them all!

Berkeley Gardens&Cactus18 Aug 2015 08:22 am


Large Opuntia on Derby St, Berkeley

Cactus&Plants04 Aug 2015 08:00 am


Gymnocalycium eurypleurum


Flattened globose to 5″ diameter. White flowers with a pinkish tint.

Hardy to 30F if dry in winter
Full Sun to Part Shade
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Cactus29 Jul 2015 07:36 am


Mammilaria gracilis

Small, very branchy to 6″; yellow flowers.

Hardy to 20F

Cactus&Questions28 Jul 2015 10:22 am

Is there any way to grow cactus faster then what they usually grow?


They will grow faster with more heat, more direct sunshine and more water. But if they grow too fast then they are not growing strong and they won’t live very long.

Hope that helps!

Cactus&Plants19 Jul 2015 08:26 am


Well now that’s an unusual cactus 🌵
Cumulopuntia boliviana

From Bolivia ☀
Opuntiodeae tribe of the Cactaceae family 🌋 which means it has glochids, so please be careful when handling it! 📌

Nice! 🎉

Cactus&Photography&Plants13 Jul 2015 07:56 am


It’s a baby Saguaro! So big and full!

Carnegia gigantea
Arizona, California

Classic giant cactus from the American Southwest. Slow growing. Will grow their first arm around 75-100 years old and can live 150-200 years. Some populations hardy to 15F if dry in winter.

Hardy to 15-20F 
Full Sun
Cactus Soil
Low Water

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