Contests09 May 2013 12:51 pm

Have you voted yet at Botanicality? There’s a lot of amazing entries, so you have to scroll all the way down. I especially like the Kid’s Cactus entry.

Contests19 Apr 2013 02:16 pm

It’s a Tumblr Spring Botanical Art Show! Win prizes! Click the link already and get started on your way to Tumblr fame and fortune.

Contests06 Nov 2012 07:55 am


Toy Obama in a nest says, “Vote.” I’d listen to toy Obama if I were you.

Contests21 Feb 2012 07:20 am

The winner to this weekend’s contest is…

Mr. Subjunctive! … “Yay!”

And don’t forget to follow him on his blog PASTP.

Contests&Polls20 Feb 2012 06:53 am

It’s time to review the contest time from Saturday. We have a winner. But before I announce the winner, who do you think was the winner I’m about to announce?

Let’s Vote!

Now I’m going to wait to tally all these votes. When Will I stop tallying the votes and announce the winner? When? Should we have another poll? No!

Contests19 Feb 2012 07:01 am

We’ll leave the contest below open for another day. Throw out any guesses you have – there are no wrong answers, only a lack of answers. Or something. I guess there are wrong answers too. But I prefer to think that we’re all winners here. Even Keith who is dying to make a guess.

Contests&Plants18 Feb 2012 09:01 am


Can you name the cactus from the bloom?

How about if I show you the cactus?


The blue stems are the giveaway. So ignore that photo. Pretend you never saw it. Focus on the bloom above.

Is there a prize for getting it right? Yes! And not just the satisfaction of a job well done. There’s also recognition from your peers. And a Lithops, to be shipped anywhere in the US except Alaska or Hawaii. Sorry for the restrictions.

Is there a clue, too? Sure! It’s not hardy in Berkeley.

Contests18 Dec 2011 07:13 am

They’re crocheted. The website link is dead so you can’t buy them, so no link just image. On the other hand, maybe by the time you read this they will have paid their internet bill and the website will be back up. You never know on the internets.

Shall we have a contest to name the species? You’ll have to ignore the flowers to be able to guess at a name.

Contests06 Dec 2011 06:33 am

I’m planning my famous Year-End Best-of 2011 Lists and wanted to open the floor to suggestions.

Which Best-ofs should I do this year?

Was 2011 particularly good for Euphorbias? Crassulas? Bamboos?


Contests19 Jun 2011 07:29 am

Today there was a rabbit talking to a cactus.

I wonder what the cactus responded with? Caption Contest!

I’ll start it off with,

More sun, please.

I didn’t say they had to be funny.

Contests&Photography25 Mar 2011 09:45 am

Euphorbia “Ascot Rainbow” is one of the Euphorbia x martinii hybrids, and a patented one at that (PP21401).

I don’t know how this one got past Hap since he doesn’t like for us to carry the variegated spurges.

I also don’t know what the name “Ascot Rainbow” means. I don’t see any ascots here, and I don’t see no stinkin’ rainbow.

Personally, I would like to call this one, “Prim Morning” but then I’m an idiot. Sounds like a contest time! Best new name for this patented variegated spurge wins something! If you’re local, a really nice water wand. If you’re not local, how about a box of biodegradeable kitchen bags? Or if you prefer, a Cactus Pup.

More info about it if you care to keep digging before coming up with a better name.

Blogs&Contests13 Nov 2010 09:11 am

JM Succulents has found, or possibly made, a Crassula Christmas Tree. For some reason. And there are flocked berries on top too.

I do not approve. On the other hand, if you make one yourself, send me a photo and I’ll post it here on the blog. And if you can prove you actually made it, out of any succulents, I’ll send along to you a free water wand. Really. I will. I promise. This isn’t even a contest – just a challenge.


Contests&Polls27 Oct 2010 07:31 am

So todays contest is simple. Identify the plant in the first picture and win the plant in the second picture. But here’s the little wrinkle. You must come to the store today with the answer! Sorry for all you people who don’t live in the Bay Area (Go Giants).

So please, don’t answer the question in the comments. Come in to the store for the free plant instead!

This is the plant you want to ID in person only at the store to win a free plant.

Nemesia fruticans is the free plant you get. We have 5 left of these reliable drought-tolerant perennials that will bloom for most of the year. Yay!

Contests13 Oct 2010 07:03 am

And the winner to the Aloe question contest is…


Congrats, and all.

Now, do we think he’s going to pick a birdfeeder or a water wand for his prize?

Contests12 Oct 2010 08:22 am

Our contest to help answer the question about a cute little aloe is ending today, so here’s your last chance to be brilliant in public on someone else’s blog!

This may be one of the prizes – you never know!

A 1999 Dodge Caravan!

No, it’s not the prize. But wouldn’t that be exciting!

Contests&Questions&Reader Photos10 Oct 2010 06:46 am

I figure you all know these plants by now, and have read my answers to similar questions mamamamannnnny times before, so maybe you could handle this one for me? Best answer, that is also complete and accurate, will win one of our discontinued products. You never know what it will be, but it must be good!

Maybe a water wand, maybe a bird feeder. Hmmm…

So here’s the question and the pictures that go with it.

Dear Sirs,

Recently I got a cactus as a present but don’t know what kind it is.

Could you please help me to detect what kind a cactus it is and to see and tell me weather  is it sick (you can see that one leaf Is kind a sick) and what should I do.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Leave your answer for Petar in the comments between now and Tuesday afternoon, and I’ll pick a winner then. Maybe I’ll have arranged for guest judges too! Well, probably not.


Contests28 Aug 2010 11:54 am

And Tom J in Denver is the winner.

People found way more errors in that tiny article than even I had imagined. Wow!

And that had come from the BBC, no less.

Contests&News27 Aug 2010 10:40 am

It’s a contest! But first, an article for you to read.

Usually these are just local stories in local papers around the world. But apparently this one made the BBC.

Rare cactus flowers after 50 years

An Agave Victorinae Reginae cactus has flowered in a UK garden after 50 years of growth.

The plant, which belongs to Barbara and John Long, recently grew to more than nine ft… according to the BBC.

I don’t know if the errors are the BBC’s or the local newspaper’s.

Now the CONTEST part:

Shall we catalog? I count 4 major errors in this excerpt alone. Add your guesses to the comments. One lucky winner correctly naming a botanical error, chosen at random, will win a free cactus greeting card from my collection of cactus greeting cards. Cactus Jungle employees not eligible, Keith.

Contests23 Aug 2010 12:00 pm

First person to tell me what this is in comments wins a $10 gift card.

CJ Employees not included, Ian.