Berkeley Succulents&Oakland05 Oct 2015 12:58 pm


Agave americana

Alcatraz Ave., near the Berkeley/Oakland border.

Looks like they left just enough space for this monster to grow full size before it impedes on the sidewalk and stabs a young bicyclist riding by.

Bay Area Succulents&Oakland&Photography01 May 2015 10:00 am



Bay Area Succulents&Oakland30 Apr 2015 02:28 pm


Aeonium “Kiwi”

Oakland Succulent Gardens

Oakland30 Dec 2014 03:26 pm


Stacy sends along a nicely decorated Cleistocactus straussii with all the trimmings. From Oakland!

Oakland26 Jun 2014 11:57 am

Want to dig up a giant Agave in Oakland? Let us know!

I’ve been doing some research online and came across your shop. I live in Oakland, will be relandscaping the yard in the coming months, and have a giant agave plant that we’ll be getting rid of. The main plant is 5′ tall and ~8′ across, and there are at least a half-dozen smaller plants right around it.

photo 1-1

It seems like a shame to destroy the plant, but they also seem quite difficult to move – so I’ve just started emailing to see where I might find a gardener or nursery that would be interested. I have no idea whether an agave of this size is even desirable or whether my best bet is just to get rid of it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’ve attached a couple photos of the plant.


Blogs&Oakland15 Feb 2014 07:20 am

I Can Stop Tomorrow‘s Mark has a spectacular curly leafed aloe coming into bloom.

Aloe vanbalenii!

Click the link!¬†Apparently there’s been some tsuris between this Aloe and the A. Hercules behind. Read the whole story to find out about it.

And while Mark uses Oakland hipster terms like “super jel” I use old Yiddish words like “tsuris” so there’s that.

Oakland24 Aug 2013 11:46 am

Oakland Succulents

San Pablo Ave., Oakland

California Native Plants&Oakland17 Jul 2013 11:53 am


Dudleya brittonii surrounded by a sea of Othonna capensis in bloom.

Oakland16 Jul 2013 12:30 pm

grand ave

Grand Ave, Oakland

Mixed Succulents

Oakland10 Jul 2013 10:54 am


Grand Ave., Oakland
Saguaro cactus in bloom

Nice technique!

California Native Plants&Oakland20 Aug 2012 09:43 am

Chabot Rd.

Romneya coulteri in the dusk.

Oakland19 Aug 2012 07:39 am

Chabot Rd., Oakland

Cereus peruvianus as a large cactus street tree.