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San Francisco05 Mar 2016 07:51 am


Californios has a whole lineup of young succulents outside. That agave is going to grow bigger, pretty soon….

It’s on 22nd, near S Van Ness in San Francisco.

Photo via SFEater.

San Francisco23 Jun 2015 07:05 pm


A new succulent garden at the new San Francisco cruise ship terminal. Nice!

San Francisco29 Jan 2015 08:18 am


Rhode Island St

Aloe ciliaris and some Aeoniums too.

National Parks&San Francisco30 Sep 2014 04:30 pm


Aeoniums in Golden Gate Park

Reader Photos&San Francisco10 Jun 2014 08:01 am

Nina and Dexter send in this project they put together this weekend – a mixed succulents trough.

mixed succulents san francisco

Hi! Thanks for your help today! Hope our new friends thrive in San Francisco.
Nina and Dexter


Can you name them all? I’ll give you a start: Aeonium, Sedum, Crassula, Echeveria, Aloe, Portulacaria and another Sedum.

San Francisco22 May 2014 03:43 pm


A bloomed out Agave in Union Square. I took the photo while facing the sun, so I then added a bunch of filters to hide the fact I was facing into the sun. And then I revealed my secret to you anyway!

San Francisco23 Dec 2013 08:07 am

Echeveria San Francisco Succulents

Embarcadero Center, San Francisco

These Echeveria and Cyclamen are right outside my dentist’s office. Is that a good thing?

Cactus&San Francisco22 Dec 2013 08:06 am

Cactus San Francisco

Just off the Embarcadero in San Francisco

I wonder if they got any of these San Francisco Cactus from us?

San Francisco21 Dec 2013 11:00 am

The Succulence San Francisco

If you haven’t been to Succulence in San Francisco then you must not live in San Francisco because if you live in San Francisco and read a succulent focused Cactus Blog like this one then you will have already had to have been to Succulence in Bernal Heights.

They have display windows where they get to put together nice creative displays. We don’t have windows at Cactus Jungle, just a gate.

The Succulence San Francisco 2

San Francisco20 Dec 2013 11:57 am

Aeoniums San Francisco

Embarcadero, San Francisco

San Francisco04 Dec 2013 07:39 am


Aloe Hill at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park is looking fine this time of year.

Aloe Blooms


And a bonus Agave too.


Berkeley Succulents&San Francisco&Succulent Wreaths10 Nov 2013 01:20 pm

Succulent Wreaths

The Succulent Wreaths look nice on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

San Francisco27 Jun 2013 07:59 am


Echeverias in bloom at the Embarcadero Center.


Photos filtered through Instagram.

San Francisco30 May 2013 03:29 pm


Tequila Agave at Tres Agaves on Townsend St., San Francisco. We’ve sold them a number if Tequila Agaves but Hap doesn’t think this one is ours.

I hope they’ve reinforced the unreinforced brick building before they moved in.

San Francisco27 Dec 2012 03:15 pm

I still go into San Francisco to see my dentist and what do I see but new Succulent bowls, mostly¬†Echeveria, at the Embarcadero Center. They look very freshly planted, so we’ll see how well they’ve done next time I visit – in 6 months of course.

San Francisco Succulents

Nice succulents. I see Echeveria and Echeveria and more Echeveria. Maybe a Pachyveria too.

San Francisco&Travel&Weekend09 Sep 2012 07:38 am

It’s the SF Orchid Show and Sale!

No, not today. It’s next weekend. This here is a friendly reminder to put it on your calender.

It may not be a fancy poster, but it is a fancy show.

San Francisco22 Aug 2012 12:14 pm

San Francisco Edition

San Francisco22 Jul 2012 07:16 am

I see the Succulent Terrariums we made for our friends’ wedding at the de Young Museum came out nicely. Everyone was taking photos of the happy couple – so many cell phone cameras! – but I focused on the Succulent Terrariums. For you. Always for you!

San Francisco04 Apr 2012 08:04 am

Along the street in SOMA are debris boxes with tree ferns in single parking spaces. Nice!

San Francisco27 Jan 2011 11:40 am

A whole trough worth.


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