Berkeley Succulents&Terrariums28 Sep 2015 04:12 pm

Anne’s got some work to do to make new ones!

Berkeley Succulents&Carnivorous Plants&Terrariums08 Sep 2015 11:24 am


Wow that’s a lot of filtering going on in that photo of a mixed succulent terrarium with some sand design action too. In case you were wondering, I overused Snapseed in that there photo. Enjoy!


Here’s a slightly less filtered photo of a Sarracenia minor. But only slightly less filtered! Shock.

Terrariums14 Dec 2014 07:55 am


Jessica sends along her wine glass terrarium centerpiece. Nice!

Terrariums09 Dec 2014 07:59 am


New glass, new Airplant Terrariums


Berkeley Succulents&Terrariums06 Dec 2014 06:42 am


We make these high-quality succulent terrariums so you don’t have to. They are ready to go. Ready to give as gifts. Ready to water and grow and be your favorite thing ever. This one is by Pia


Airplants&Terrariums21 Nov 2014 11:56 am

Angela has been busy making a beautiful wall of Airplants and Terrariums for you.

Airplant Wall

You like it! You really like it!

Now, can you name the species in the picture. There are literally, not just sort of, but literally, 49 species of Tillandsia in this one photo. You may want to click to embiggen to get in real close and see them all. Enjoy!

Terrariums12 May 2014 01:33 pm


A nice young man made this lovely Euphorbia terrarium with a skull.

And here he is… (more…)

Nursery&Terrariums16 Dec 2013 07:10 am

Glass Figures 4

Glass Figures 5

Glass Figures 6

We have these adorable new glass figures out at the nursery, ostensibly for terrariums and such, but really, who needs an excuse…

Glass Figures 1

Glass Figures 2

Glass Figures 3

And that’s only the half of it. We have 12 in all.

Airplants&Terrariums25 Aug 2013 09:55 am

mini terrariums

These aren’t as small as the very Tiny Terrariums I posted recently. But almost as small.

Airplants&Terrariums23 Aug 2013 06:55 am


Actually these are the Tiny Terrariums. The mini terrariums are 50% bigger!

Nursery&Terrariums04 Nov 2012 11:56 am

I’ve started on a new project.

Our Terrarium wall is coming together nicely. Succulent Terrariums and Airplant Terrariums.

I should have the wall fully planted and completed by Wednesday. That’s my plan.

Now where do we put the organic seed racks for winter?