Terrariums12 May 2014 01:33 pm


A nice young man made this lovely Euphorbia terrarium with a skull.

And here he is… (more…)

Nursery&Terrariums16 Dec 2013 07:10 am

Glass Figures 4

Glass Figures 5

Glass Figures 6

We have these adorable new glass figures out at the nursery, ostensibly for terrariums and such, but really, who needs an excuse…

Glass Figures 1

Glass Figures 2

Glass Figures 3

And that’s only the half of it. We have 12 in all.

Airplants&Terrariums25 Aug 2013 09:55 am

mini terrariums

These aren’t as small as the very Tiny Terrariums I posted recently. But almost as small.

Airplants&Terrariums23 Aug 2013 06:55 am


Actually these are the Tiny Terrariums. The mini terrariums are 50% bigger!

Nursery&Terrariums04 Nov 2012 11:56 am

I’ve started on a new project.

Our Terrarium wall is coming together nicely. Succulent Terrariums and Airplant Terrariums.

I should have the wall fully planted and completed by Wednesday. That’s my plan.

Now where do we put the organic seed racks for winter?