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Keith takes pictures of my dogs with costumes. Cool!

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The Whippet Jaxx

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Whippet, Domo and Airplants

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whippet and robot

Benjamin is the whippet. Robot by Lipson Robotics. Are you jealous?

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I bought this cactus many years ago for a dollar 99 and there were 4 inches of it straight up. I’ve kept it usually just back in the corner not really paying attention to it and probably in the same dirt it was in for 12, 13, 14, years.



Cannot get pictures not when it was real tiny but when I was about 3 feet high and then I’ve got pictures of a more currently when I transplanted it in cactus soil and a larger pot (it was root bound). And it has grown Beyond belief shooting out things everywhere my question is I don’t know if I planted it in enough cactus soil with enough depth. There is a bout 10 to 12 inches of soil hello pot that is probably 2 feet around tapering down to a foot around. And I don’t know how to describe how far Down the plant goes.

The question is how deeper the roots go on something like this finished just one stock coming out of the center from the center supporting all these things and I will attach photos. I look forward to some answers and maybe even what kind of cactuses if it should be repotted again. It sits in the large picture window so it’s getting good sun. I live in Minnesota supported out during the summer would just open it up to bugs that.



Your plant is a Euphorbia. They are a great indoor houseplant. They can be underpotted for years, as you know, and then given some new fresh soil and some water they will grow like crazy! Water less for slower growth. We water no more than once per month. If you pot it up to a larger pot now it will keep getting bigger. However in the ground this is a full size tree, so it’s OK to not repot it for a few more years.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphorbia_ingens#/media/File:Euphorbia_ingens_(habitus ),_crop.jpg


Thanks you so much! Yay… Do you have cats at home?
DuckyWorld Products Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

No cats, dogs!


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Whippet1 Whippet2

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Jason was enjoying a quiet whippet sunday on the blogs. Facebook! Friday Whippet Blogging! Instagram! Twitter! Tumblr! Everyone joins in on Jason’s private Sundays.

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Jason whippet dog

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whippet beds

Jaxx and Amica down in Santa Cruz got a giant new Whippet Cave. They like it.

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whippet dogs


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