Whippets09 Aug 2014 09:41 am

Photography&Plants09 Aug 2014 08:36 am


Agave parryi v truncata is also one of the mezcal agaves, a true blue Agave. But it’s perfect tight round spiny shape allows for its Artichoke Agave fame and fortune. Very attractive!

It will get 3 feet across, and almost as tall, before spreading rapidly in a giant clump of rosettes.

Whippets08 Aug 2014 07:58 am


Jaxx and Amica are visiting, so it’s all good.

California Native Plants08 Aug 2014 07:42 am


Fremontodendron “Ken Taylor” – Flannel Bush
Native to California
Evergreen shrub

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Summer-drought
Size: 6’ t. x 10’w.

Perfect for sunny dry areas. Blooms spring and summer - golden yellow/orange. Rich mass of thick thick green leaves.


Berkeley Gardens&Questions06 Aug 2014 04:56 pm


I stopped by wanting to find out what this is.
From: Janice



That is a Dasylirion wheeleri, and we do have a number of Dasylirions, including that one, in stock.


Cactus06 Aug 2014 11:53 am


Tephrocactus articulatus v. papyracanthus

Papery-spines w/glochids; 6″; Hardy to 25°F
The stems break off readily and go rolling around, then they root and presto! You’re cloning a new plant. Nice!

Whippets01 Aug 2014 07:16 am

The Whippet Jaxx

The whippet Jaxx is visiting. Come by the store to say hello!

Cactus31 Jul 2014 08:28 am


Opuntia “Baby Rita”
Small pads, will grow 3 feet tall. Very spiny pads turn purple in winter.
Hardy to 15F 
Full Sun to Part Sun
Cactus Soil
Low Water

Cactus30 Jul 2014 04:50 pm


Mammilaria elongata


Long stems, 1″ diameter, clumping; tight star-shape spines. Small cream-colored flowers form a crown around the tips of the stems.

Hardy to 25F

Full Sun

Cactus Soil

Low Water

California Native Plants29 Jul 2014 06:32 pm


Malacothamnus palmeri

California Native
Evergreen Shrub

Sun: Full to Part Sun
Water: Low once established
Size: Bushy, erect stems to 6 feet

Vibrant green foliage year-round gives to small bright pink flowers throughout the summer. Coastal native (Big Sur Area). Butterfly plant. Hardy to 10F.


Berkeley Gardens27 Jul 2014 10:49 am


Epilobium canum hanging around in full bloom in Berkeley.

Nursery25 Jul 2014 05:24 pm


Keith, at the company party.

Airplants25 Jul 2014 01:16 pm


Tillandsia didisticha is a Brazilian epiphyte in the Bromeliad family. These branched inflorescences are what we in the trade call, “stunning”.

However I warn you that they’re too big to put in a small terrarium, as much as you want to.

Whippets25 Jul 2014 01:12 pm


Plants24 Jul 2014 08:19 am

We’ve got a bunch of new fancy mixed succulent planters at the nursery, but of these 3 below, only one of them so far has been popular. Can you guess which one?


Fenestraria in a Flip and Tumble pod planter.


Sedum in a Gleena Ceramics cup.


Mixed Succulents in a Hasami Porcelain bowl.

Airplants&Nursery23 Jul 2014 04:48 pm


Angela has been very busy today putting together our biggest Tillandsia selection yet.

Airplants for everyone!

Berkeley Succulents&Photography22 Jul 2014 03:56 pm


I see we’re growing some very colorful Echeveria Hybrids this time of year.


While it’s true they are very colorful, they’re not really this colorful. There may have been some filtering going on with these photos too.


But so nice…

Cactus21 Jul 2014 08:47 am


Anne’s latest Cactus Terrarium us a custom job for a customer’s terrarium glass.

👑 🌵 💃

Berkeley Gardens&Berkeley Succulents&Cactus17 Jul 2014 08:49 am


Opuntia linguiformis

Just off San Pablo Ave in Berkeley

Carnivorous Plants15 Jul 2014 08:29 am


Drosera binata – Forked Sundew
Native to Australia and New Zealand
Deciduous Carnivore (Evergreen if Grown Indoors)

Sun: Partial to Full Sun
Water: Daily, Distilled Water Best
Size: Draping, 12- 18″ leaves

Dew covered multi-forked leaves turning bright red in the sun. Sticky dew captures insects. It forms a large insect-catching bush. Best grown in 50/50 peat moss and sand. Also grows well in standing water. Hardy to 25F.

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