Care Recommendations

These are our recommendations for growing these plants in the Bay Area. Microclimates vary, and so may your results.



Full sun - requires West or South exposure, 4 hour direct sun minimum average year-round


Partial sun - Can handle less, say an East window or a very bright room with good indirect light


Partial shade - generally understory or canopy plants; can handle dappled sun, shaded by canopy or other plants, but still require some direct sun or bright indirect light


Some plants can handle a wide range of sun conditions.



Cactus Jungle's Ultra Soil Blend, or other standard well-draining cactus and succulent mix


Cactus Jungle's Jungle Cactus/Orchid Blend, for a bit more moisture retention


Extra Chunky Add lava/pumice for faster drainage for rot-prone plants


More information about Cactus Jungle's Soils



Water every 1 week


Water every 2 weeks


Water every 3 weeks


Keep dry, water sparingly


Watering is inexact - your conditions will vary - For more information about watering, see our Watering Advice page.




Icons 2005 Cactus Jungle