Succulent Wreath Pre-Order Special! How special? 20% off special. So here's the deal: these are made custom and far in advance of them being ready to sell later this year. They are ready November 1. So you can hang out for the next few months and wait and buy one in November or December, or you can help us out by pre-ordering your own special succulent wreath right now and we reward you with 20% off. 20%! That's a good deal. And then you get to pick them up in November or December - your choice! - or we can even ship them out to you or to your favorite person in the whole world who you want us to ship it to right in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas or Hannukah or New Year's - your choice!

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15" Large Wreath $165 Regular Price - Buy now thru Aug 31 for 20% Off  - Only $132

12" Small Wreath $55 Regular Price - Buy now thru Aug 31 for 20% Off  - Only $44




Cactus Jungle cactusjungle Nursery and Garden

Different Types of Cactus and Succulents

A Retail Nursery serving Berkeley, Oakland, the East Bay and the San Francisco Bay Area

with quality Cactus and Succulents, Bamboos for the Bay Area, Houseplants, Grasses, Perennials + Groundcovers

California Natives, Organic Veggie Starts, Herbs and Seeds, Terrariums, Carnivorous Plants

and a full line of Terra Cotta Pottery, Garden Tools, Soils and Amendments, Gift Cards, Gifts

Garden/Xeriscape Services

Succulent Wreaths

Since 2002









Open 7 days
Mon - Fri  9a - 5p
Sat - Sun 10a - 5p

Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden, 1509 4th St. Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 558-8650

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We now have our own custom Organic Olive Oil and Cactus Soaps




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