Glass and Terrariums

Cactus Jungle carries a full line of high quality Terrariums, Terrarium Glass, and Glass Vases!

New Glass Terrariums

Airplant Terrariums start at $9.95

2 Sizes of Terrarium Kits – Ready to go!

Wall Bubbles


Little Cubes

Hanging Glass

Sea Urchin Shells

Mixed Succulents


Most include Air Plants (Tillandsias), Many are planted with succulents and other small houseplants.

We also carry mixed preserved mosses, colored sand and colored gravels and a full range of terrarium ornaments including Mini Animals

Succulent Terrariums

Succulent Terrariums in Wind Tunnel Glass

Colored Sands

Small Hanging Terrarium Glass

Larger Hanging Terrarium Glass

Tabletop Glass Terrariums w/Dinosaurs


So Many Airplants

Handblown Glass and Wood Terrariums

Succulent Terrariums

Houseplant Terrariums

Teardrop Terrarium Glass

Hanging Succulent Terrariums w/Frog

Tabletop Succulent Terrariums

Hanging Glass Balls

Large Handblown Terrarium Glass

Sputnik Urchins