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California Native Succulents

Dudleya “Frank Reinelt” is a coastal variety of D. caespitosa, so you know it will grow well for you, assuming you are coastal too, since we are the Bay Area, so named after the coastal feature that defines it.

Tightly Stacked Succulent Leaves

Crassula columella Common Name: Silinderplakkie Origin: South Africa; Namibia Description: Miniature square-shaped vertical stems to 6″. Grows in quartz outcroppings along hillsides. Temperature : Hardy to 28F

Peperomia prostrata

Peperomia prostrata in production! Coming soon! That’s the parent plant in bloom… I love peperomia bloom spikes!

Aeonium Questions

I’m wondering why the succulents on this plant have gotten so small in size…the pant used to produce very large “blooms”…. Any idea? Thank you Brian Brian, What you have on the ends of each branch is a rosette, not a bloom – if they bloom they will form giant pyramids of small yellow flowers…. Read more »

Agave ocahui

Agave ocahui are astonishing, with a very vigorous terminal spine just hanging out there. That red on the tips is painted on. I used the latest in plant paint technology to individually get right up close to the most dangerous spines around and very delicately hand paint just the spines with no drips at all… Read more »


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