An Agave Blooms in England

It’s a contest! But first, an article for you to read.

Usually these are just local stories in local papers around the world. But apparently this one made the BBC.

Rare cactus flowers after 50 years

An Agave Victorinae Reginae cactus has flowered in a UK garden after 50 years of growth.

The plant, which belongs to Barbara and John Long, recently grew to more than nine ft… according to the BBC.

I don’t know if the errors are the BBC’s or the local newspaper’s.

Now the CONTEST part:

Shall we catalog? I count 4 major errors in this excerpt alone. Add your guesses to the comments. One lucky winner correctly naming a botanical error, chosen at random, will win a free cactus greeting card from my collection of cactus greeting cards. Cactus Jungle employees not eligible, Keith.

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