Buffalo Succulents

I should google that phrase and see if I can come up with any succulent sculptures in the shape of a buffalo.

In the meantime, that headline refers to the city of Buffalo, which has finally discovered the succulent. From Artvoice: Buffalo’s #1 Newsweekly:

What we’re excited about:

The succulent trend has gone from a slow-burning fire to smokin’ hot! From container pots on porches to green rooftops, vertical garden walls and wire topiaries to outdoor carpets of succulents, these water-wise plants are sure to be the gardener’s must have plants of the season. They thrive even in the most difficult soil conditions and are very forgiving to the weekend gardener who might not have time to water and fertilize regularly. Succulents, which include aloes and cacti… will make great potted and seasonal transplants in the sunny areas of our gardens.

Alright then. Now, back to the google, and the other kind of buffalo succulents, after the jump…
Well, no sculptures, but there are these interesting links:


How to cook “succulent buffalo steaks


Some water buffalo in Italy.


And my favorite, a green roof on a shed in Buffalo.

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