California Succulents

The Dudleyas are always a crowd-pleaser, what with the small chalky leaves and green leaves and long bloom spikes with pale small flowers too.


Dudleya anomala is our newest member of the California native Sea-Lettuce family. I wonder how it got a strange name like that? This one is pretty reliably green and doesn’t get too red in sun. Where in California is it from? Why its from Baja California.

Tight clusters of green rosettes with slightly red tips in full sun. White flowers on long bloom stalks.

  • Hardy to 25F
  • Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Cactus Soil
  • Low Water


Dudleya brittonii is the classic Giant Chalk Dudleya, also from Baja California.

18″ rosettes on single stems with chalky leaves. Looks best if dry through the summer months – avoid overhead watering.

  • Hardy to 20F
  • Full Sun to Part Sun
  • Cactus Soil
  • Low Water


Finally we have the very red Dudleya farinosa – Sea Lettuce, our own Northern California coastal succulent.

  • Hardy to 20F
  • Full Sun to Part Sun
  • Cactus Soil
  • Low Water

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