Nice Panicle


The Echeveria “Flying Cloud” has interesting compound racemes for an inflorescence.

Fan Aloe

Some thick and colorful Aloe plicatilis buds.


Aloe ferox Bloom Mania

Its a maniacal amount of hummingbird flowers.


We’ve been tracking the situation for months now.

Berkeley Succulents


Solano Ave. mixed succulents container in front of a salon. Hair? Nails? I don’t know.


At a holiday party last night we saw a lovely little Euphorbia with Christmas lights. Its a holiday miracle!

Partridge Aloe

The less common of the 2 Partridge aloe, Aloe dinteri is from South Africa and the blooms are getting ready to open, so you know what that means. Hummingbirds!

Coast Aloe

Well the Aloe ferox blooms are still not open. But luckily the hummingbirds have found a suitable replacement for now.

Aloe thraskii

Cape Aloe

The ongoing saga of the Aloe ferox blooms continues. Here we see the buds are in their last stage before opening, but not yet ready for the hummingbirds. Maybe tomorrow.


First Buds

First Aloe ferox buds of the year. Blooms should be a couple months away still. Maybe sooner. We could check the blog archives for last years blooms.


Propeller Plant

Crassula falcata in full bloom. They do make the nicest bright red puffballs of blooms around.

Mexican Hens

These Echeveria shaviana’s sure put on quite the bloom show.

The rosettes under all those bloom stalks aren’t looking so great.


El Cerrito Cactus

Apparently there’s a newspaper in the next town over from Berkeley and they have a cactus that blooms so it’s featured in the newspaper every year. They don’t know what it is, but they don’t stop over here and ask us, now do they? Reporters should call us you know, we’d answer all their questions for them.

Long-time residents know that the plants bloom once a year, subject to the vagaries of weather and traffic. At one time, there were more cacti in the group with multi-colored flowers, but so far this year we just have a single bloom atop one plant.

Gardeners will probably know the names of the plants, but for most of us, the beauty is in the patterns and the blooms.

Geez, don’t reporters have phones anymore?

Not sure what variety of succulent this might be, but it’s an interesting visual effect.

Oh, the humanity. Should we tell them what they are?


Sedum “Blue Spruce” blooms have finally fully opened. They were buds for months!


Dudleya / Echeveria

The cell phone photo wasn’t great so I’m hoping this Photoshop manipulation hides the problems.


Berkeley Succulent

5th Street, Berkeley

It’s an Aloe arborescens in full bloom behind the fence. I wonder what else is behind that fence. Should I peek?

Succulent Wall Panels

We custom planted these succulent wall panels for a customer who gave them to his wife as a birthday present, covering a wall right outside the window. Nice!

He sent us this photo. Thanks, Doug.

Oakland Succulents

Lawton Ave.

These can be hard to ID, but i would humbly submit that it might be an Aloe maculata, one of the spotted stemless aloes known as the Soap Aloe. You can zoom in closer if you want to check out my fine ID work and see if you can suggest another name for it.

Oakland Succulent Terrariums

on Lake Merritt.

We’ve been contacted by the artists to participate in this project, and we hope to be able to contribute for the big giant floating succulent terrarium.

Here’s a very nice write-up of the project.

In the Bay Area, you don’t have to go far to find beautiful plants near sparkling waters. But, two Oakland artists have a more creative vision. They hope to showcase plants on water – with a giant terrarium that will float atop Lake Merritt.

The “Wonderarium,” a 3,000-pound, 8-foot acrylic sphere, is the dream of Yvette Molina, 38, and Sarah Filley, 39. They plan to construct it, fill it with an exotic array of brightly colored plants, light it with LED lights, and mount it on a floating platform. The target date for completion is in 2012, and the artists believe their project will appear to hover magically above the lake….

To encourage and build children’s interest in the project, the pair taught a carnivorous terrarium-building workshop at the UC Botanical Gardens, participated in the East Bay Mini Maker fair on Oct. 24, and are now brainstorming ideas for classroom visits, planned for the fall of 2011. Meanwhile, for the child in everyone, they created the carnival-like “mobile plant ambassador + succulent circus,” an ice-cream cart with a 24-inch Wonderarium prototype affixed to the front…. From the cart, they pass out succulents in ice cream cups, hoping to garner support for the Wonderarium.

I don’t have any snark to add to this at all. I guess I’m just not up to the full extent of all the responsibilities of my blogging duties. Oh, the humanity.

No, wait! That was some Grade B Snark! Certainly not my A-List best, but close enough for you, my loyal readers, right?!? Thank you and good night.


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