Succulent Terrariums


Nicole has been busy making succulent terrariums for the holidays.


Every single one gets a mini animal as well as a succulent.


Nice! Anne says the chicken is  a snow chicken. I doubt it. It looks like a Rhode Island Red to me.

Old Golden Barrel Cactus

Our biggest specimen cactus at the nursery has been sold. Off to Mill Valley!


Echinocactus grusonii multi-barrel was over 60 years old. We rescued it from a heritage garden in San Jose that was going to be bulldozed and we’ve been growing it for 7 years.


Dragon Bell


I love our cast iron dragon bell! But we’ve only sold one of them all year! I wonder why?

Poison Ivy


Anne came in costume to work today, as Poison Ivy.


She’s the only one. We’re so lame.

Sunny Day at Cactus Jungle

Cactus Jungle

It’s a beautiful sunny day at Cactus Jungle. A bit chilly this morning, but it should warm up.

This is a full size picture of Cactus Jungle so you can click and zoom and see all of our detail exposed!


Retro Instagram

Cactus and Succulents!


Yuccas and Pachycereus! (and an aloe too)

New Website is Up!

I’ve gone ahead and revamped our Cactus Jungle website. Phew!

cactus jungle website

We have over 1400 plant pages and over 4000 images, so they haven’t all been updated yet, but the rest of the site is fully new and revised and the plant pages will follow behind over the next few weeks. 1400 is a lot of pages to update!

7 Years Later


Here are some photos of the nursery back in 2006. We were a lot smaller back then.


You can see we had space on the retail floor for troughs of cactus that were growing. Those have all been moved offsite now to make room for more plants to sell. Some people miss the display gardens, but what are you going to do.


Our first Rare Plant/Houseplant Greenhouse was pretty lightweight. In fact it fell over the first winter that we had a heavy wind.



I miss the Little Red Wagon.

Double Bowl

Using our newest double-bowl glass for a succulent terrarium?



Carrion Flower


It’s a giant Stapelia bloom and it’s about to open! The stinky carrion flower might make the Rare Plant Room uninhabitable as soon as tomorrow! Yay!

Haha! Just kidding! It already opened over the weekend and the smell has already started to dissipate by now. Phew! Unfortunately it was purchased right after I took this almost-open photo and never got another picture of it fully open. On the plus side, it didn’t stink up the rare plant room.

New Succulent Terrariums

Succulent Terrarium 3

Nicole has completed a series of new terrariums using Chive Terrarium Glass and a bunch of small succulents, with adorable colored sand for all!

Succulent Terrarium 2

Succulent Terrarium 1

Mixed Succulent Pot

Succulent Trough

Joe’s latest creation, in a locally made Urban Farmgirls hypertufa pot, is a mixed succulent trough.

More pictures? Come and see!!… Read More…

See Inside the Cactus Jungle

Did you know that Google stopped by and photographed the inside of the nursery and you can see the result of that here on Google See Inside?


Now it is true that this happened 3 years ago so the nursery looks very different now. In a good way! But still, you get a pretty good idea from the googles.

Now we have a question about a plant someone saw on our google page.

Hi cactus jungle!

I was being a creep and looking at the google maps street view of your store when I saw a plant I fell in love with immediately! It’s the one to the right of the bamboo in that picture, to the left of the white arrow. Looks like a little tree with bright green neon leaves. What is that thing and how can I get one I must have it!


Anyway, thanks for having such a great blog I love it!

– Mary


That is a Manzanita (Arctostaphylos). We do have lots in stock. That one was potted into a terra cotta pot and trimmed up to look like a bonsai. I’m not sure exactly which species since the photos for Google’s See Inside were taken over 3 years ago.



Prickly Pears and Beavertails

That’s a lot of spiny cactus. Can you name them all?

prickly pear cactus and beavertail cactus

That’s a lot harder than column cacti below since there are hybrids and cultivars in the bunch here, whereas the column cacti were all species.

Still, you can zoom in pretty close to check it out in all its Hi-Def beauty and glory.

Column Cactus

Ever wonder what a column cactus would look like if you had a whole lot of them in one place at the same time? Here, take a look. That’s a lot of column cacti at the Cactus Jungle now.

Column Cactus

Who can name them all? And not you Keith, employees who could go look a the tags are not included.

If you’re not sure of them all then click the photo to embiggen. It will get really embiggened, so you can check the finer points of the aureoles and such.

How to Grow Cactus

Line the seedlings up in a tray. Give them lots of sun, maybe some late afternoon shade. Water occasionally.


Pachycereus marginatus

Pachycereus marginatus, Organ Pipe Cactus

Cleistocactus hyalancanthus

Cleistocactus hyalacanthus

Oooohh, photogenic!

New Products!


Our latest soil in our Ultra Soil collection is also Anne’s first new product. It’s our Carnivorous Plant Blend. You know you want some. We’ll even ship it if you ask.

Thanks, Anne!

Cactus for You

So exciting! Here on the CactusBlog I have some cactus photos for you.


Tunilla soehrensii


Echinopsis chamaecereus is the famed Peanut Cactus


Polaskia chichipe is not Polish.

Farm Animals Love Succulents

Our latest Safari Minis are in, and they’re…. Farm Animals! Let’s see what we have here today.


Pig. With Oxalis “Coppertones”.


Chicken. With Aeonium lindleyi.


And the best of all is the Sheep. With Sempervivum, Crassula and Sedum.

Mixed Succulents


Joe’s latest custom mixed succulent pot for a customer who likes yellow.


Follow me after the break for a picture of Joe ringing up the mixed pot at the register.
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Bonfire of the Cactuses


Bonfire as it got colder last night at the company summer party. If only summers in Berkeley were warm we wouldn’t have needed a bonfire. On the other hand, if summers in Berkeley were warmer we wouldn’t have had a bonfire.

My Latest Terrarium


Everyone agrees this is not my “best” one. I think they don’t like it. But it’s my crappy terrarium. Look at all those colors! Gold sand, orange beads, orange butterfly! It’s like a fantasia from the 70s and I was there so I should know. Next time I’m using purples.



Nicole got some Marigolds to add to a small organic container garden and she packed them very carefully for the ride home.

By the way, meet our latest Cactus Jungle associate, Nicole!


Nursery Gifts

We are expanding the gift selection at the nursery to include bird hooks and squirrel pots. Yes!

qualy bird hook

Bird hooks. We hang little planters off them. They work well with Tillandsias too and they come in Squirrel hooks too. Yo. Now please be sure to understand that we only add these as pure nursery goods. You won’t see us use these hooks for coats. No. Only for hanging plants and plants and other plants too.

self watering squirrel pot

Well played! This self watering squirrel in a log pot. We put a fern on top for fun. Fun.

Cactus Dove


Difficult to weed when there is a Morning Dove nesting in the tray of Cacti…



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