Succulent Birdhouse

Elliot has gone rogue. Look at what he’s done.

succulent birdhouses

Succulent Birdhouses

succulent birdhouse1

A closeup of one of them

succulent birdhouse2

And a closeup of the other of them. By the way this one is on one of our new Rusty Iron Stands, handmade in Napa Valley.

More Here.

Cactus Flowers! It's Spring!

The Echinocereus grandifloras are in full bloom this weekend, so you know it’s spring out here at the Cactus Jungle.


We call this one “Amber Peach”


Rikki insists this one is “Tropical Pink”


I named this one “White Lightning”

In case you were wondering, these are all hybrids. They are intergenic hybrids between Echinopsis and Echinocereus. You may see these on various websites and at certain nurseries under various and sundry names. Some call them Trichocereus Hybrids or Lobivia Hybrids or Tricho-Lobivia Hybrids, however current taxonomy puts all Trichocereus and Lobivias into Echinopsis.

You may also see in certain quarters where they insist on particular cultivar names. However we have gotten our original parent plants for these hybrids from the original hybridizer and he does not name them himself. So we are free to call them by our own cultivar names. If you have better names for them than we’ve come up with, we’re happy to take suggestions!

Friday Whippet Blogging (Plant Edition)


Aeonium “Whippet” is our own cultivar from Aeonium atropurpureum. It looks a lot like A. “Schwartzkopf” this time if year, but it us lower growing, faster growing (hence the reason for the whippet name) and much branchier too.

Succulent Eggs

We have another new product out at the nursery – Ceramic Eggs by Jennifer Fisher, a ceramicist working around the corner from us.

succulent eggs

Rikki potted a little Sempervivum, i.e. “Hen’s and Chicks” in the egg. So cute.

Glass Waves


A special purchase we have right now. Made in the Bay Area, down in San Leandro.


They look good with the tall cacti. Sweet!

Terra Cotta Pottery Sale!



March 16 – 31, 2013
Terra Cotta Pottery

terra cotta pottery

Succulent Terrariums

A new blue succulent terrarium is out at the store. I’ve been following some succulent feeds on Instagram and have been inspired to use brighter, more vivid colors in my terrarium designs.


My eyes! Too bright! Tone it down!!!!


And it’s layered below? Wow!

Mixed Succulent Pots

mixed succulent pot

Here’s Rikki’s latest mixed succulent pot, in one of our Urban Farmgirl’s hypertufa pots.

Not really a pot, though, more like a race track of plantings.


Blooming Spurges

A lot of our shrubby Euphorbias, i.e. the Spurges, are blooming right now or coming into bloom soon enough. While not strictly succulents, they are very drought tolerant and can easily mix in a succulent garden.

Euphorbia Bruces Dwarf

Euphorbia “Bruce’s Dwarf”

Euphorbia martinii

Euphorbia x martinii

Euphorbia Wulfenii

Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow

Euphorbia “Ascot Rainbow”

Euphorbia Blackbird

Euphorbia “Blackbird”

Euphorbia Tiny Tim

Euphorbia “Tiny Tim”

And just for fun, here’s one blooming succulent spurge – so many Euphorbias are succulent, and this one is succulent:

Euphorbia mauritanica

Euphorbia mauritanica

Dinosaur Lithops


That’s a Dimetrodon about to nibble on a Lithops.

Bad dinosaur!

Cactus Bandages

Don’t call them Bandaids.

cactus bandages

Would you buy a pack of Cactus Band(ages)(aids) from a cactus store?

cowboy bandages

If so, would you pay $5.99 for a pack? What if I told you they came with a free toy inside? Would you buy it then?

I mean from us, a cactus nursery, not from a drug store or a toy store.

Tillandsia Saturday

Today is the 2nd day of our Tillandsia Weekend Holiday, so that makes it Tillandsia Saturday.

Tillandsia aeranthos bergeri

Tillandsia aeranthos x bergeri is a hybrid between two very different species. Can you guess what those two species are? I knew you could.

Dinosaur in the Garden

It’s been a weird day today. That’s what we get for living in the city of Berkeley.

Here, have a dinosaur in the garden.

dinosaur in the garden

Keith's Latest Terrarium

Here we see a classic use of the Chive Pill Terrarium.


That’s a succulent terrarium alright. I see an Aeonium, a Euphorbia and a Haworthia. Classic!

Respect the Red!

People don’t seem to respect the red.

respect the red

We have a newly poured concrete driveway and curb, although the strip is still to be planted.


Dragon in the Garden


Why is it that Dragons like to hang out among the succulents so much? It’s a mystery.

Last Minute Terrariums

rainy day at the nursery

It may be a very rainy day today, but we’re here for you. Today and tomorrow we are staying open all the way to 5pm. Because we care.

airplant terrarium1

airplant terrarium2

airplant terrarium3

Airplant Terrariums

These Airplant Terrariums have been very popular this year. So here’s more!

airplant terrarium

African Antelope in the Garden

This particular African Antelope happens to be the same Lesser Kudu of another recent posting on this here cactus bloggy.

Lesser Kudu in the Garden with Aeonium “Green Star”.

African Safari Toys in the Garden

Lesser Kudu in front of the Kalanchoe pumila.

In case you were wondering it is called the Lesser Kudu to distinguish it from the Greater Kudu. Not that the Greater Kudu is “greater” in any subjective way. Only “greater” in the purely objective criteria of size. The Lesser Kudu averages 60–100 kg while the Greater Kudu is 190–270 kg, so a big size difference. But it turns out that these are also not just smaller and larger relatives.

One of the most ancient species, the Lesser Kudu at one time was thought to be a smaller version of the Greater Kudu, but now is considered to be a more primitive species.


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