African Safari Toys in the Garden

Lesser Kudu in front of the Kalanchoe pumila.

In case you were wondering it is called the Lesser Kudu to distinguish it from the Greater Kudu. Not that the Greater Kudu is “greater” in any subjective way. Only “greater” in the purely objective criteria of size. The Lesser Kudu averages 60–100 kg while the Greater Kudu is 190–270 kg, so a big size difference. But it turns out that these are also not just smaller and larger relatives.

One of the most ancient species, the Lesser Kudu at one time was thought to be a smaller version of the Greater Kudu, but now is considered to be a more primitive species.

More Terrariums! More Airplants!

Continuing yesterdays theme, here are 2 more terrariums with airplants for your consideration.

Tillandsia fuchsii v. gracilis and I see we have a little bit of Reindeer Moss and some lovely rocks. Plus is that a shell i see? It is!

Tillandsia neglecta in a bit of a washed-out photo. Plus some white gravel as a base. And a couple fancy shells. We love shells! To be honest, we found a really good deal on shells last year but that meant to meet their minimum order we had to buy a LOT of shells. Shells for everyone!

Obama in the Garden

It’s my last Obama in the Garden, as this is the last of our Obama toys for sale. We had a good run – 4 cases! 6 blog posts! – but I think we’ve seen enough of the Obama toy in our garden. Unless this one doesn’t sell this christmas season and then I may keep it and have him poke his head out in the garden for years to come.

Stop me!

With Austrocylindropuntia subuluta monstrose.


More Terrariums

We’ve have been so busy making terrariums for everyone. Remember that Terrarium Wall I posted? There’s more.

That’s a Kalanchoe in there. Is there enough soil for the plant to survive? Yes! There is enough. And a little bit of charcoal at the bottom too. But be careful not to overwater.

Check out our ad in the Sunday SF Chronicle tomorrow with even more terrariums. I suspect it’s in the garden section, but then you never know with the chronicle.

Tillandsias are the easiest way to go for sure, and the airplants are very reliable too.

That’s a nice one. It has a frog! And not just any frog but a red tree frog, Litoria rubella.

In case you haven’t figured it out, we are the one stop shop for all things terrariums.

Dragon in the Garden

We got in a new set of Dragons for the store – mostly for terrariumsbut also for the garden. I don’t like these as much as some of the other toys we’ve had, but whatever – here you go – some dragons in the garden.

with Plectranthus


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Cast Iron Duck


An ironic use of a cast iron duck; among the hens and chicks at the nursery.

Succulent Wall Panels

Rikki has transformed a customer’s drawing into these amazing Succulent Wall Panels.
You can see the river running across the two panels near the bottom, and then some mountainous formations up higher.



It’s our latest Gamago kids T-Shirt. So cute! I wonder why we carry things like this? They don’t have anything to do with cactus or succulents do they? No. But soooo cute!!!!!

Terrarium Wall

Rikki has put the finishing touches on our new Terrarium Wall.

That’s a lot of Airplants. Nice!

Squid BART

We sold out of our first pack of Squid BART T-shirts from Gamago too quickly – so quickly that we only had one left when the monthly email went out.

But fear not, we now have more – although they are a limited edition so our current stock will be it.

Did I mention we now carry some interesting locally made T-Shirts? We do!

Succulent Terrariums

I’ve started on a new project.

Our Terrarium wall is coming together nicely. Succulent Terrariums and Airplant Terrariums.

I should have the wall fully planted and completed by Wednesday. That’s my plan.

Now where do we put the organic seed racks for winter?

New Terrariums for 2012

We have some spectacular new terrarium glass this year, including pieces from Roost and Chive – as featured in GQ this month! Woohoo! We’re very fashionable apparently!

Here’s one that Rikki has potted up.

She went with a bromeliad theme for this one. You’ll have to come in to see the taller piece with the orchid – it’s very colorful.

Terrariums are tough to photograph what with the reflections everywhere and all. I wish I had a setup to photograph terrariums and the like. Maybe next year.

Terrariums are Hot


Succulent terrariums are so hot they’ve made the very fashionable pages of GQ. Tillandsias too. The one on the upper left is by Roost and the one in the lower right is by Chive, and we carry both of them, right now!

Bird in Thyme

It’s our new ceramic birds, now available for purchase at Cactus Jungle, (very reasonably priced!) in thyme.

Thymus “Argenteus”

I took the photo with Instagram. You can find me on instagram as bobdavisart on your smartphone app. That’s my other name! Why you may ask do I have another name? It’s my nom d’artiste. Did you also know we have twitter and pinterest too? Those links you can click on your browser or on your smartphone – they work! A monthly cactus email can come directly to your email. And finally we have facebook – always with the facebook. We’re so plugged in that I spend 12 hours of every day just checking the feeds. That’s a lot of thyme.


Succulent Mixed Pots

These aren’t succulent mixed pots… yet. These are handmade artist pots, by local artist Carey Cherney. These have proved very popular this year, and Carey just brought by a whole new crop. And Rikki already has her eye on about half of them for mixed succulent pots….


Don’t forget to click the photos for enbiggenments.

The blue is a new color from Carey. It’s a good blue color.

And I suppose it all goes without saying, except when it doesn’t, that these are all now available at the nursery, i.e. Cactus Jungle, now.

Tillandsia Sculptures

And now we have our newest line of toys we sell at the nursery.

Earth Block eco-friendly legos. Made in Japan, all natural and made out of Green Tea, Sawdust, Bark and Coffee Bean scraps, they not only have natural coloring they also have natural smells. Yes, it’s true, they smell delicious.

I made a Tillandsia Castle. I used the Green Tea blocks.

Rikki made a Tillandsia Robot. She used the Sawdust blocks.

All together now…


How Many Agaves Can You Fit?

This customer has fit ten Agaves in the back of their truck.

They are 15ga. plants, and quite big for that, so it is a feat. Ten!

Organic Veggies

More Fall organic veggie starts are out at the nursery.

Let’s see, we have Kale and Cauliflower of course. Spinach is here! Red Choi, Broccoli, Arugula and more Lettuces too.


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