Desert Rose

Adenium somalense

We get to enjoy these rare caudiciforms blooming regularly, spring and fall, since they’re too expensive for anyone to actually purchase them at the store.

They’re mine! All mine!

I hope nobody got a picture of me taking this picture, because it wasn’t easy to get the bloom shot against the sky backdrop. I might have looked a bit “awkward”.

The Queen in the Garden


It’s only fair that I do some shots of the Mittster of Romneyland in the Garden too, along with the Obama in the Garden series, but there aren’t any appropriate toys yet available, so the Queen it is, in the garden,  of course.

Obama in the Greenhouse

This is the last picture in this series, Obama in the Garden Series 1. I’ll start posting Series 2 in June.

I saved the worst one for last, which is why the image is so small. This one is not as good as the other ones in the series, so I almost didn’t post it, but then I did. You can click to enlarge, but I don’t encourage it. The orchid is a twinkly orchid known as Oncidium “Twinkle”. Personally, I would have called it Oncidium “Yellow Twinkle” in opposition to the “White Twinkle” variety which is actually called “White Caps”.

Nursery Cart


Keith says we had the first baby using our new nursery cart. There is a spot for a kid like in a grocery cart, so it’s all good.

Obama in the Garden


Echinocereus grandiflora “Sunrise Yellow”

“Childhood” filter by Camera fx.

Alert the Local News!


It’s an agave coming into bloom. Agave funkiana. It’s still on the floor at the nursery, but I took the price tag off and moved it out front for display. The bloom is growing fast. Soon it will finish its cycle and die. Oh how we will miss you, funkiana, my friend.

Obama in the Garden


Cell phone photos get put through cell phone filters. It’s the way of the world now. Obama stands among succulents like Pachyveria and Sedum. Plus a horned lizard as it so happens. That’s also the way of the world.

Obama in the Garden


Obama hanging out in a succulent garden with Haworthia, Echeverias, and some judicious use of Sedum.

Barack Obama Toy

So we went ahead and ordered the Barack Obama Toys. We have a lot of toys from this company for terrarium ornaments because everyone loves to put little ornaments into their terrariums.

[caption id="attachment_12354" align="alignnone" width="315" caption="Barack Obama"][/caption]

And now you can also decorate your terrarium with the President.

Or play with him all by yourself in your quiet and contemplative living room or with other friends in their home, since he’s portable.

Or I suppose some of you would put him on a shelf.

In case anyone was wondering why we never carried any Bush Presidential toys while bowing to the communist socialist fascist liberal pressure to carry Obama Presidential toys, it’s because we’re liberals. You know we live in Berkeley, right? BERKELEY for crying out loud. Anyone here who doesn’t like Obama is because he’s too conservative.

Urban Farm Girls

We now carry lightweight concrete pots from Uban FarmGirls in San Francisco and I took one right away and made me a succulent mixed pot with it.

And here they were without plants before I got my hands on one.

Nice pots.

Icelandic Poppy

These are some very pretty Icelandic Poppies we got in.

Icelandic Poppy Candles, in a 2-pk.

Tillandsia aeranthos

That’s a nice Tillandsia aeranthos clump in bloom. It was hanging in the Houseplant Room for ages. But it’s so nice, you might say. And I would agree. So why didn’t anyone buy it you might ask? No reason that I can think of. Glad we could have this conversation.

Full Up With Organic Veggie Starts


If you haven’t started your organic garden yet this spring, today is the perfect beautiful day to start. Hap’s at home planting ours.

More Pottery on Sale

Our pottery sale has been going on for 10 days now and here we have a new pot in stock before the sale is over. Yay!

These small German rose pots have been very difficult for us to get in. We ran out of these new pots a year ago, finally was able to get the order in last September, and they finally arrived today. I know this is not very exciting to most of you (any of you?) but it is to me. And there’s still a week left of the sale to get them at 30% off.

New Pots

We are excited to have these new small colored pots.

Well, we don’t have them yet. These were at the Philadelphia Garden Show, so if you were there you already know what we’re talking about, but if not then you are as excited as us for the preview. You are excited, aren’t you?

More Cactus Flowers

It’s still just the beginning of spring and yet the earliest cactus flowers keep coming.

Here we see the Echinocereus grandiflora hybrids about to open. This one we call “White Lightning” and it’s got this amazing color even before it’s open.

Next Up – Toys!

So this is Berkeley, so this is one of the toys we’ll be carrying at the nursery. The rest of the toys we carry are tiny things for terrariums, but not this one. This remarkable presidential figure is 4″h. The minimum order is 3, but I may get 6 what with this being Berkeley (did I mention that?) and a presidential election year.


Organic Veggie Starts for Spring

It’s true, the first full crop of Organic Veggie Starts are out this morning for spring. It’s been very spring like around here for a month now, and so people ask us, is it time to plant?

Yes! It is time to plant. Get your spade out and start your digging.

Now Open

We have ended our Winter Hours experiment (opening at 10a, closed tuesdays) and are now back to being open 7 days a week. Being alert at 9:00am is going to be tough though, but here we are, the gates are open and where are you?


Keith sent along this photo of a bird on Hap’s shoulder. I’m not at the store today so I don’t know what it means. Maybe Keith will explain it in comments.



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