We’ve been talking about slugs at the nursery, and this is what came up.


Anyone who’s ever worked at a nursery knows what I’m talking about.

(We recommend industrial sized bags of sluggo.)


I hope there isn’t a yellowjacket nest here at the nursery, but I found this guy eyeing the cryptanthus terrarium hanging off the wood pole.

San Pedro

Hap finally got the giant San Pedro’s dug up and potted.

10ft.? Sure! Echinopsis pachanoi? You bet!


We’ve had a lot of insects buzzing around recently, pollinating so one presumes. Some really pretty dragonflies too. Here’s my best shot of one sitting on a Cotyledon orbiculata seed pod, taken with my camera phone, without scaring it away.

End of August

It’s the last day of August, and that means it’s the last day for our 20% off Pre-Order Succulent Wreath Special. Operators are standing by.

And the last day of our Bird House and Bird Feeder and Bird Food 30% off Clearance Sale.

Here, have a pretty picture of a cactus.

Gymnocalycium baldianum with a ripe fruit.


I’ve been busy today creating a mobile website for our bamboo.

Our regular, full-service Bamboo Bay Area website.

And our newest addition to the website family, our Mobile Bamboo site. Try it out on your phone. Let me know what you think.

So now with the mobile site, our bamboo signage at the store has QR codes.

Like this one:

That’s another way to get to the mobile site without typing anything. Point your camera at the screen and click.


African Violets

It’s taken a few months but the Saintpaulias are in full bloom again. Yay!


Accuracy Counts

Well I’m embarrassed. This plant has been mislabeled all along at the nursery.

We’ll be calling this Cotyledon orbiculata v. oblonga from now on.

Three Colors

The little cluster of mini Echinopsis stems? Not one plant, as it happens.


Terrarium Stuff

We now carry cast iron army men, and peeps. We must be idiots.

Feral Cat

The local feral cat has moved into the back. I suppose the black nursery tray was warm in the sun.


Nursery Posting

We’re looking to hire a full time nursery sales person, if you know anyone who’s looking. (Resumes only, no calls please.)

Self Watering Pots

Finally we have mini self watering pots for the mini African Violets.

Saintpaulia species


Another Euphorbia we’ve been growing for years and now is ready for propagating. Its a hybrid. Any guesses?


Euphorbia Happiness

We’ve been taking cuts for spring recently. Can you identify this unusual Euphorbia that we’ll hopefully have some rooted plants for sale this spring? We’ve been growing this one plant for 6 years before taking our first cuts.


Spring Veggie Starts

Our first organic starts of the year are out in the heavy rains which they are promising me are ending tomorrow.

Weather Blogging from a Nursery Perspective

No customers, which is fine since most of the crew went to the NorCal garden show in San Mateo, assuming the storm wasn’t too bad on the peninsula and they could get through. We have a flood advisory going, and this is exactly! (approximately…) one year from when we had to close for a day because of flooding. I’m watching the street levels….

The weather reports are still calling for some sun this weekend, so that’s good news. So come on by! We have our first spring organic veggies out, soaking up some of this delicious rain before the sun comes out and they start growing like mad.

Winter Nursery

We’re open all year round. So here’s what we look like on a wintery California day. A bit gray and drizzly. Looks inviting!

Winter Break

We’re closed for the week, reopening on 1/3/11 at 9am.

Happy Holidays

Blogging will be light, but look out – it’s time for the years 10-best lists, and you know what that means…

Mason's Congo Paddle

A large leafed Sansevieria, up to 5 ft.

Sansevieria masoniana

This is another one of the Sansevierias that we are growing, but do not have out for sale yet. I see 2 baby leaves coming out, so I’m hoping for spring. Grow, baby grow!

Rainy Day Orchid

I assume this will be a very slow day at the nursery, even being the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Tomorrow should be sunny so I think we’ll see a lot more people then.

Come by today if you want a lot of really personal service.

I like the Miltonia orchid hybrids. This one has a long name.

Beallaria marfitch “Howard’s Dream”

Google Cactus

So here’s the weird thing, we were on StreetView on the first day it went up 3 1/2 years ago. I blogged it at the time, and you can check the dates to see that blog entry was the first week of StreetView.

Now the google photographers are coming by today to take inside photos. We’re going to be in the first group to go live with this new feature! Anything else google wants us to test for them?


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