New Plants Every Day…

…For you!

At the nursery we’re focusing on some new houseplants for terrariums and wall panels and other indoor uses for the winter season that is upon us. See the list of plants we have and are growing and the rest we should have available any day now at the nursery.

See anything you like? Anything important that we’re missing, since the list is so small? Let Ian know!

Hot Day

I can see it’s going to be a slow day at the nursery, mid-week mid-october and hot. So here’s the deal. Come by the nursery today only, and mention this blog post, and we’ll give you…

Double Punches on your Frequent Buyer Card!

25% off Terrarium glass bowls and all watering supplies – wands and hoses.

OK, so it’s just me and Ian here, so I better go let Ian know I’ve just made this offer to you.

Now if you know anything about me atall, you know this is outrageous behavior for me. I’ve never done anything like this before! Oy.

Black Bamboo

Phyllostachys nigra has been very popular the past 2 weeks here at the nursery. In fact, people almost came to blows over the plants. I exaggerate…

Hopefully we can convince Ian to call the farm and get us some more black bamboos on Wednesday, otherwise the woman we told yesterday that they’re back in stock, when they were temporarily back in stock, will be very disappointed.

Maybe she’ll read this and realize it is best for her to wait until Thursday to come by.

Nursery News

It appears that Keith’s mousetraps have worked to stop the little critter that has been eating our organic fertilizers. I won’t share Ian’s photo with you, but let’s just say that the mouse did not decide to go for the bait in the no-kill traps.

It's a Preview

Here’s our new ad for this Sunday’s Chronicle Home + Garden section, and you get a 3-day early preview. Yay!


What do you think, should we order tissue culture starts of this “new” dwarf agave?

It’s pretty, sure, but small, so do you want it? Can you resist it? Will you pay the big bucks for it?

Agave “Dragon Toes”

Of course it’s got a name that I will probably refuse to use. I might have to rename it Agave “Blue Fugue”. Now that’s the ticket.


Ian restocking the liquid seaweed after a busy weekend.


California Native Plant Sale

This was going to be part of a radio ad starting next week, but the local radio station just switched formats, as of this weekend. So all is lost. Except this excerpt, which I upload for you:

[mp3player width=300 height=50  file=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/california_native_plants.mp3″ name=California Native Plants]

The video version was blogged back here.

And it’s all because we’re having a Cal. native plant sale starting Sunday, August 15th. Here’s the ad going in the SF Chronicle this Sunday. Look for it in the Home and Garden section.

Succulent Wall Panel

A satisfied customer walking out the door with one of our custom succulent wall panels.



I’m not at the nursery today, so I’ve decided to use the blog to pass along a message to Ian: We could use some more planted mini-terrariums for this weekend.


Mini Terrariums

Ian’s been making mini terrariums. Lot’s of tillandsias. Here’s one that’s planted with cactus.

They’re very popular.

Cactus Art

Catheter Lopez’s “Oaxaca Cactus” art show opening is tonight, if you can make it. 4-6p at the nursery.


Oaxaca Cactus


Join us for our upcoming art show, “Oaxaca Cactus” – New sculpture by Cathey Lopez.

June 4 thru July 15, 2010

Opening Night Party
Friday, June 4 from 4-6pm
at Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden

Field of Blooms

Echinopsis bonkerae have a lovely candy colored bloom. I expect we’ll sell a lot of them this weekend if its hot enough for them to open in the afternoons, like it was by 4p yesterday.



Did you know the giant National Hardware Show in Las Vegas has a huge Lawn and Garden section? Well, so that means we’re off to Vegas, baby, this morning to run through the show as quickly as we can, since we have to get back to the store before the gremlins attack.

Today is Our First Tuesday

So here’s the story.

Our customers demanded Tuesdays be added to the schedule, so we complied. We’re now open 7 days. And here it is our first Tuesday open and it’s pouring. Fortunately for me it’s my day off, but the rest of the crew is at the store all alone and wet and no customers, so will you do them all a favor and stop by today – the rain should be stopped between 10 and 2 if is correct – and give them some love?


Have Agave Will Travel

It’s a tequila agave, a variegated tequila agave, going out the door.

Agave tequilana variegata.




We’re working on growing more agaves. This here is an Agave “Blue Flame” which is an A. attenuata hybrid but about 5 degrees hardier, so it is a very good choice for the Bay Area. Last year we brought in 15 ga. plants and they were quite popular, so we got tissue-culture babies and have been growing them, but all we have so far are 1 gallon size plants. And at this size they’re not as pretty, hence the closeup picture. I guess this means we’ll have lots of 5 gallon plants available next year.

Deer Broke in to Store

Got in this morning, and found a deer had broken in last night, and ate all the cactus out on the floor. We still have lots of succulents, but it will be awhile before we haved any more cacti ready for sale.

Pottery Sale Weekend

Our Pottery sale starts this weekend. Did I mention that you get 30% off all terra cotta pottery? That’s a pretty good sale! And we bring in pallets of new pottery every year, so it’s very exciting. Our new employees are going to enjoy this…

Here’s our ad running in today’s SF Chronicle. A little bit on the peach side, on the web, but less so in print.


In case you were wondering, that’s a Dudleya cymosa.

Bird Tree

We’re going big into birdfeeders and birdhouses this year. Here’s our new bird tree display.


New Signage

Yay! The new signage is here!


That’s Hap. Good thing he finished the new bamboo rows and sign last week, because this week he has the flu.

Very Poisonous

Tylecodon wallichii parent plant is growing back nicely after cuts last year. We should have a couple of those babies available this spring, but not too many, considering how dangerous it is.


Keith's Bamboo Pots

Keith is cutting up the big bamboo stakes and making pots.


That’s a Leuchtenbergia principis in it.


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