Wreaths with Succulents

Succulent Wreaths! In stock now at our 2 local California stores or buy online too at cactusjungle.com/shop


Succulent Wreaths 

In stock now, at your local Cactus Jungle. Local, if you live near us. And that would be Berkeley . California! 

Otherwise you can buy them online and we’ll ship them. To you! In the US. To Europe too? No, not to Europe too. Not to South America. Not to Africa. And not even to Australia. How about Alaska and Hawaii? Probably not. Mostly just the continental US. Maybe Canada, early in the season, while it’s still warm enough. I don’t know! Give it a try! 

Succulent Wreaths

succulent wreaths

Good news, everyone! The Succulent Wreaths are now in! Did you know that we will ship our handmade custom Succulent Wreaths anywhere in the country? Well, actually that’s not really true since we won’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii. That’s just how we roll at the Cactus Jungle.


August 2020

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