Christmas Cactus Question

I recently blogged about getting christmas cactus to bloom and Sara has a question about the instructions.

I’ve got some Christmas Cacti I would like to start getting prepared for blooming. I was reading through the latest posts and saw that link for this very thing. The instructions prompted a question that I feel you guys may be able to answer quicker than I can find it myself online.

That question being- When they mention feeding it bloom food- is their an organic, chemical free option for this type of product. I guess my refined question would be what is bloom food and is their an organic chemical free option for this?

Thanks for your time and assistance.


That’s a pretty fair question.Fortunately there’s a pretty simple answer.

We use organic Fish Bone Meal for blooms. We do sell it in large boxes and small packets as well.

What’s nice about this is that fish bone meal works for all types of flowers. (And yes, I mean that generally, not specifically every type of flower.)

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