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The Arizona Desert Sun has an article about planting naturalistic plantings next to modern lined out plantings and they use this photo as an example. I find that odd. Here’s the caption that goes with it.

This view shows the naturalistic plantings beside the grids of golden barrels proving a combination of both may be the most sustainable design solution. / Maureen Gilmer/Special to The Desert Sun

I don’t understand where the naturalistic plantings are that are near the grid of Golden Barrels? Is it the lawns? The square pathways? What is this article talking about? The random Cleistocactus or the random tree placed among the barrels? Who knows. According to the article:

A landscape that depends on one species to establish its primary visual character may appear profoundly beautiful in its simplicity. These monocultures are all too common in many of the contemporary landscapes I’ve seen throughout America. I study them closely to keep up with design trends for new and restored, modern and mid-century home landscapes.

Ahhh, now I understand. The writer is using the word “naturalistic” to mean “not a monoculture.” Interesting!

And the picture is nice!

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