Dr. Cactus is in the House

OK, so I’m not a doctor. And therefore you should not take any medical advice from me.

In fact, I won’t give out any medical advice.

I’m just passing along this list of home remedies. For canker sores. Ouch!

Following home remedies for canker sore are considered useful and are mentioned below…
Cactus Juice: Juice obtained from cactus helps in reducing canker sore. This juice must be kept in mouth for some 20 seconds. It exerts a drying effect on the ulcers by dehydrating them and shrinking them. Application of cactus juice on canker sores for 2-3 days aids in removing them.

I have not tried this home remedy, and I have no personal knowledge of anyone who has. They don’t tell you what type of cactus, or what type of juice. So in other words, this blog post is a complete waste of our time. damn.

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