Green Roof Sunol

Not all green roofs have succulents (though of course the best ones do, in my opinion).

Project Name: Buttner-Chang Residence
Year: 2006
Owner: Ted Buttner and Rosemary Chang
Location: Sunol, CA, USA

The client requested a planting design which would blend and not compete with the beauty of the natural landscape. Sunol enjoys hot dry summers with frequent wind, but traditional greenroof succulents would not blend with the native landscape…

I chose plantings of mostly evergreen ornamental grasses for all roofs (main house, office, garage). The native landscape is comprised of summer dormant grasses, but to minimize fire hazard and for best aesthetic appeal, we chose non-native grasses that looked good year-round, could take the summer heat, drying winds, and importantly, summer irrigation. Since the client enjoyed succulents, we chose to flank the entry doors with more colorful succulents…


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