Natural Variation in the Parodia rutilans

Here are pictures of 5 different individuals, all the same species, in full bloom. So much variation! They are all Parodia rutilans. Here I blogged another Parodia that had significant variation as well.

Parodia rutilans 1

Parodia rutilans 2

Parodia rutilans 3

Parodia rutilans 4

Parodia rutilans 5

And finally what we have here is what we have identified as Notocactus roseiflorus, which my copy of Anderson insists is also Parodia rutilans.

Notocactus roseiflorus

That sure is a lot of natural variation for today! And to be clear, those really were all in bloom and fully open yesterday all at the same time. Nice!

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