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Q: Hi Peter and Hap,

I’m attaching some not good photos.

The red succulent I just wondered what it’s called. It grows great in the clay soil.

The biggest cluster of “little blue/green beans” is on the left side of my shadow in the vertical center of the shot. There are a few more above those and more in the center. And there’s a lone one below the big cluster. They have a spike-like texture to them & they’re the size of peas. I love them & would like to try them in the other, better soil.


A: Phyllis,

The more colorful one is a selection of Sedum rubrotinctum, possibly the clone called ‘Aurora’, although it is hard to tell from the photo… colors of the named clones will vary on light and soil conditions. The Blue-green one looks more like a Grapto-sedum hybrid, but I am not sure. I would need to see it in person or have a closeup photo.

Take care

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