Low, summer-drought

Achillea “Lavender Beauty”

Herbaceous Perennial

Lavender colored flowers. Drives the butterflies crazy. Remove spent flowers for a late fall rebloom. Cut flowers last a long time, look great dried.

Arctostaphylos “Canyon Sparkles”

A. insularis “Canyon Sparkles”
Evergreen shrub

Glossy deep green leaves offset in the winter by clusters of white flowers. Channel Islands native becomes an open upright shrub with age. Attracts hummingbirds, resists deer, tolerates clay soils.

Arctostaphylos “Dr. Hurd”

Evergreen shrub

Fast growing, tree-like, upright with open canopy. Classic dark red bark. Late winter clusters of white blooms. Spring berries. Perfect focal point for a garden, or along a dry creek bed

Arctostaphylos “Lester Rountree”

A. pajaroensis “Lester Rountree”
Evergreen shrub

Sturdy trunked small tree/shrub w/smooth, purplish bark, gray leaves & clusters of tiny, urn-shaped flowers, white flushed pink, in early spring.

Arctostaphylos “Paradise”

A. pajaroensis “Paradise”
Evergreen shrub

Large clusters of flowers of a lovely shade of pink in winter. Older foliage is blue-green and the newest growth is bronze red. Should be able to tolerate some summer water.

Arctostaphylos “St. Helena”

Evergreen Tree

Large with red twisting trunk/branches. Small pink flowers in late winter are followed by small red berries in spring. Keep dry in summer once established.

Arctostaphylos “Vandenberg”

A. rudis “Vandenberg”
Evergreen shrub

Dense foliage forms a deep green garden backdrop, or perfect as a hedge. Clusters of small pink flowers in spring.

Arctostaphylos morroensis

Evergreen shrub

Endangered in its native range in Southern California, it grows well in coastal gardens throughout the state. Lavender flowers with red berries.

Arctostaphylos viscida

Evergreen shrub

This species is characterized by sticky grey-green foliage, white flowers and smooth red bark. Edible berries.

Cercis occidentalis

Evergreen tree

Careful not to disturb roots when transplanting. Magenta flowers in Spring. From rocky soils at foothills. Bright green kidney-shaped leaves.

Correa “Dusky Bells”

Evergreen Shrub

Small gray-green leaves are slightly fuzzy. Pendant red tubular flowers winter into spring.

Cotoneaster “Mooncreeper”

Evergreen Groundcover

Low growing groundcover with dark green leaves and vibrant red berries. Small white flowers in spring.

Cupressus macrocarpa

Evergreen Tree

Limited in the wild to small areas in Monterey and Carmel. Great coastal tree, medium sized, evergreen. Ideal shade tree, classic wind-sculpted shape. Lithograph: Smith, William Horace, Circa 1940.

Dichelostemma ida-maia

Deciduous Bulb

Slowly clumping native bulb, with unique tubular bright red/yellow flowers that attract hummingbirds. Leaves appear after fall rain, followed by a 16-24″ bloom stalk in May. Keep dry in summer.

Fremontodendron “California Glory”

Evergreen shrub

Unbelievable spray of yellow flowers in Spring. Rounded shrub with dark green lobed leaves. Saucer-shaped buttercup yellow give an unbelievable showing in spring. Will espalier well.

Fremontodendron “Ken Taylor”

Evergreen shrub

Perfect for sunny dry areas. Blooms spring and summer – golden yellow/orange. Rich mass of thick thick green leaves.

Fremontodendron “Pacific Sunset”

Evergreen shrub

Large, broad, showy hybrid. If provided space in a garden, this centerpiece plant will be covered in yellow flowers in spring. No water once established.

Fremontodendron “San Gabriel”

Evergreen shrub

Spreading, rounded shrub with dark green lobed leaves. Saucer-shaped buttercup yellow flowers in summer. Will espalier well.

Fremontodendron californicum

Evergreen shrub

Unbelievable spray of yellow flowers in Spring. Rounded shrub with dark green lobed leaves. Saucer-shaped buttercup yellow give an unbelievable showing in spring. Will espalier well.

Fremontodendron mexicanum

Evergreen shrub

Perfect for sunny dry areas. Late spring thru summer blooms are showy golden yellow/orange, cup-shaped.

Globularia x indubia

Evergreen Perennial

Round light-lavender flowers with deep blue centers.  Thick grey-green leaves, spreads to 4ft wide.

Heteromeles arbutifolia

Evergreen shrub

White flowers in Summer. Bright red berries in fall are attractive to birds. Can be pruned to tree shape, but will need to be cleaned regularly. Plant under shade of native oaks, or in full sun at coast.

Leymus “Canyon Prince”

Turf Grass

Blue-grey, evergreen, running, mat-forming grass thrives on seasonal winter rains. Avoid regular summer irrigation or the grass will flop over.

Marrubium “All Hallows Green”

M. bourgaei “All Hallows Green”

Evergreen perennial

Short shrub spreads many feet wide and makes an excellent border. Lime green leaves, round and textured, send up cream colored flowers in spring and fall.

Muhlenbergia rigens

Semi-Evergreen Grass

Deer resistant. Whip-like blooms to 5 feet tall. A stunning vertical accent especially when back-lit by autumn sun. Used in basketry.

Myrica californica

Evergreen shrub

Purple-ish, single-seeded berries coated with a white wax. The leaves are extemely fragrant when crushed, also known as bayberry – used for various medicinal preparations.

Olea “Little Ollie”

O. europaea “Little Ollie”
Evergreen tree

Dwarf non-fruiting olive, multi-stemmed, with dark green leaves. Excellent for hedges and marine exposures.

Olea “Manzanillo”

O. europaea “Manzanillo”
Evergreen tree

Cultivated for edible fruit. The epitome of a Mediterranean climate plant – loves the San Francisco Bay Area. Picturesque shade tree with grey leaves.