Moderate; Low in Summer

Epilobium “Carmen’s Grey”

E. canum “Carmen’s Grey
Evergreen perennial

Hummingbird plant. Broad, bright-grey leaves covered with orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers. Cut back in early spring for fuller growth.

Koeleria macrantha

Evergreen Bunch Grass

Tolerates sandy soils, clay soils, dry gardens and creeksides. Useful as a meadow grass.

Leucadendron “Cloudbank Ginny”

Evergreen Shrub

Drought-tolerant, deer-resistant shrub can be used for screening. The orange-red central cone surrounded by pale yellow bracts are good for long-lasting cut flowers.

Schinus molle

Evergreen tree

Semi-edible “Pink Peppercorns” (toxic in large quantities). A bright green evergreen tree that tolerates many adverse conditions. Plants underneath canopy are not successful.

Scilla peruviana

Deciduous Bulb

Summer dormant bulb in the Hyacinth family, in fall develops a compact rosette of 18″ long leaves. In spring, forms 6″-12″ tall flower stalks densely topped with numerous small lavendar flowers.